The Team

What can we say, we love a lasting relationship. We know there are no small details when planning the big day. But, with the help of our more than 2,300 team members, we’ll make every decision as easy as saying “I Do.”

Sascha LaGreca
Associate Director - Event Sales

Wedding advice:
Don’t get too caught up in the details—have fun and enjoy!

Memorable event moment:
A former groom lost his hearing in an accident. He spent months learning the words to one of the bride’s favorite songs and surprised her by singing it to her at the wedding—there was not a dry eye in the room, including mine!

Katie Gillespie
Senior Event Sales Manager

Wedding advice:
Enjoy every moment—it goes by so fast! Take a moment to step back and realize how special it is that all of these people have come together to celebrate with you.

Memorable event moment:
My favorite event was a Celebration of Life, where the client decided to surprise the guests after dinner with a private concert by Rod Stewart.

Nick Davila
Event Sales Manager

Wedding advice:
Enjoy every aspect of the process, from planning to tastings and the actual day. Take it all in and make it memorable by being present.

Key to an unforgettable event:
It’s all about the relationships we build. There’s a wonderful quote that says “They may forget what you said, but they’ll never forget how you made them feel.” We genuinely care about our clients and want them to feel special always.

Jordan Yoder
Event Sales Manager

Wedding advice:
Your wedding is a celebration of you together. When planning, stay true to who you are as a couple and your wedding will be unique and unforgettable.

Memorable event moment:
It was a couple’s second marriage and they included their teenage children in the ceremony. The groom shared vows directly to her children and the bride did the same to his. The kids then surprised their parents with a poem. Such a sweet moment; the definition of unity.

Melissa Dunn
Event Sales Manager

Wedding Advice:
Make your own tradition. Stay true to yourselves and don’t forget to take a moment together to soak in all the details when your vision comes to life.

Key to an unforgettable event:
Never underestimate the wow factor. From interactive entertainment to over the top culinary presentations, give guests something to talk about for years to come.

Mary Catherine Maus
Design Sales Manager

Most inspired by:
Connecting with others and creating memorable and fun experiences. Nature, interior design and fashion are big sources of inspiration. I’m passionate about bringing the outdoors in and designing a timeless look by mixing traditional and contemporary elements.

Favorite flower:
Peonies and tulips as I have fond memories of these flowers from my mother’s garden in North Carolina.

Virginia Philip
Master Sommelier

Must-try wine:
Meursault from a great producer and vintage. This 100% Chardonnay wine is intense and not your normal Chardonnay. Loads of mineral, hazelnut and lemon. Delicious!

What inspires your love of wine:
My father was Italian so wine was a huge part of our family. We always enjoyed varieties together for Sunday dinners and the holidays.

Jeff Simms
Executive Chef - Banquets

Must-have passed hors d’oeuvre:
Mini Cheeseburgers in Paradise! I could eat a dozen without hesitation. The secret is in the brioche bun handmade by our Master Baker Chef Bruno.

Favorite dish:
Our modern version of Creekstone Farms all natural prime New York strip “Steak Diane” with a loaded twice-baked Yukon Gold potato. The sauce is complex with classic demi-glace, wild mushrooms and a hint of Courvoisier. It’s exquisite.

Benjamin Metais
Executive Pastry Chef

Favorite dessert:
Crème brûlée because it is not only delicious and timeless, but also reminds me of my childhood growing up in France. The cold and creamy vanilla custard mixed with hot and crunchy caramelized sugar is divine.

Favorite flavor combo:
Mocha! The chocolate, vanilla and coffee blend together perfectly. I like this combination as a delicious chocolate cake with vanilla filling and coffee syrup.

Josh Rhodes
Pastry Chef

Favorite cake flavors:
My favorite flavors will always be the masterpiece my wife and I created for our wedding–vanilla and chocolate cake with cannoli cream filling, a layer of chocolate pot de creme and finished with Italian meringue buttercream.

Memorable event moment:
We created a custom seven-tiered Dior-inspired wedding cake with images and quotes from the couple. It was like nothing I’ve ever seen before and so personalized to the bride and groom!


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