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If the Glassware Fits – Advice from The Breakers Master Sommelier, Virginia Philip

Working on your bridal registry, but not quite sure where to start? Our Master Sommelier and Wine Director, Virginia Philip is here to help Wedding Blog by The Breakers readers!

Virgina says, “Bridal Registries can be mind- boggling and selecting appropriate glassware can be even more challenging! When registering for your glassware, keep in mind who your guests are, and also when and why you may use specific glassware.”

Here she lists three gorgeous styles of glassware, and what each may be used for:

1. Riedel – this is the true wine connoisseur’s glass. It is a must for those who appreciate a great glass of wine. While not as ornate as Waterford, the glass is designed clear so that the color nuances can be seen, the optimal aroma can be achieved when smelling the wine. The shape of the glass is well thought out to enhance the taste profile.

Price point for the Vinum Collection: $18-$30 per stem and come in several different “Grape Varietal Designated” shapes.

2. Tiffany – these glasses are very simple yet elegant. They can be used for everyday drinking, as well as more formal affairs. While the shape in not specifically designed for specific glassware, the glass is designed for red versus white wines.

Price point: $15 and up, per stem.

3. Waterford – for the elegant dinner table, these glasses are a must. Usually the entire line of glassware is requested such as water, wine, champagne, bar etc… Perfect for the holidays and impressionable to guests, they should not be used for wine tasting style dinners.

Price point: $50 per stem and up, per stem.

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