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Advice to Couples from Our Experts

Around the world, couples are facing difficult decisions for their dream day. With more than 150 years of experience, our team of experts is here to help you navigate and stay inspired during this ever-evolving time. Here are a few words of wisdom from the team…

Sascha LaGreca

“Don’t stress! You will have your dream celebration—it might be on a different date, or be a more intimate fête but it will happen!” – Sascha LaGreca

Sal Racicot

“Try not to speculate. Nobody can predict what is going to happen in the upcoming months. Remember what the most important thing is: the love between the two of you! Enjoy your engagement and know you’re not in this alone—The Breakers will be with you every step of the way!” – Sal Racicot

Katie Gillespie

“The most important thing to remember is that you will have one of the best and most memorable days of your lives together soon! Try to focus on getting the majority of the planning details finalized now, so that as your wedding date approaches you can relax and enjoy your family and friends.” – Katie Gillespie

Nick Davila

“The famous line, “Love is patient…” has never been more true. Remain optimistic and decide together what is really important to both you and your partner. Know that with time, all things get better. If you have to make difficult decisions, do it knowing that eventually we will all come together and celebrate love.” – Nicolas Davila


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The Breakers
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