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Colorful Custom Wedding Watercolor

We recently sat down with Ashley Begley, founder and owner of Ashley D. Studio, and a former Breakers’ bride who celebrated her special day in our Mediterranean Ballroom. Ashley creates custom designs and stationary, in addition to being an incredibly talented artist.

When the time came for The Breakers to produce a one-of-a-kind illustration, showcasing our event spaces to potential brides, we immediately thought of Ashley. Her hand-painted watercolor illustrations are whimsical, vibrant and each one as stunning as the last. We couldn’t think of anyone better to capture the iconic spirit of our historic hotel.

Today, we’re excited to share more about Ashley’s colorful custom creation that features the oceanfront resort so close to her heart…

Real Wedding: Ashley & Trevan at The Breakers

{Photo by Sarah DiCicco Photography}

Q: Your work is absolutely stunning! Where did you learn how to paint and how long have you been creating art?

A: Thank you so much! I have been drawing since I was four years old. I knew from a very young age what I wanted to do. I had some amazing mentors in high school who encouraged me to do extracurricular art programs on the weekends. I also went to the Rhode Island School of Design for my undergrad which furthered my knowledge and creativity in the arts. It was very intense, but I loved every minute of it!

Q: As a past Breakers’ bride and frequent guest of the resort, you have an intimate knowledge of all 140-acres of the property. How did The Breakers inspire your design for this piece as well as your own personal wedding suite?

A: There is just such an overwhelming feeling of beauty and intent when you walk around The Breakers property. Every surface and every corner has been considered to convey artistry and intention. The Mediterranean Ballroom, with the fresco clouds on the ceiling, suited every need. The room itself is so glamorous and the clouds lend a sort of whimsy and unpretentious feel. It is the perfect combination! Of course, the amazing foliage around The Breakers informed the design. I also created a print that I thought complemented the tone of our wedding night. It is a green and white palm frond print. Very simple but still gestural.

Custom Creation

{Photos by Sarah DiCicco Photography}

Q: We love how you beautifully captured the essence of Palm Beach and The Breakers. What elements and iconic spaces did you know you absolutely had to include?

A: I loved painting the Ponce de Leon Ballroom. That is one of my favorite areas/walks on The Breakers property. Walking down that brick pathway towards the ocean wall… It is breathtaking and unlike anywhere else. I wish I was there now!

Colorful Custom Wedding Watercolor

Q: What venue space within the design was the most challenging?

A: I think the fountain was the toughest motif for me. Knowing the significance of the fountain and how it really greets every individual upon arrival to the property, I struggled to capture its details and importance. With that said, I think the illustration draws one’s eye to the intricacy of every room on the property, not just the fountain.

Q: Can you share more with us about the other custom pieces you design? What are your favorite pieces to create for clients?

A: I was a print designer for the last eight years, so anytime I get to create a pattern for my clients, I am in heaven. It is such a good vehicle to convey the mood of your wedding! It can go everywhere from the envelope liners, to the menus, to the linens. The way I approach wedding designing is like branding. We are branding the event, branding the couple, creating a palette and building a visual language for the guests to follow along with.


Venue & Catering: The Breakers, Sal Racicot
Decor & Design: Design Studio at The Breakers, Claire Ryan
Cake: The Breakers Cake Shop
Ceremony & Reception: Gulfstream 1 & 2
Dinner: Gulfstream 3 & 4
Photography: Chris Joriann Photography
Entertainment: AA Musicians

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