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Say It With Flowers

Your dream day is filled with personal touches that represent your love story.

Looking to add an extra layer of significance to the blooms you surround yourself with on your special day? For centuries, people have used the “language” of flowers to express emotions. Today, many couples select their bouquets and centerpieces with the symbolism of each stem in mind.

Flower Meaning

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From romantic symbols to emblems of happiness, we’re sharing the meaning behind some of the most popular wedding day flowers…

Real Wedding: Rochelle & Frank

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You can’t go wrong with roses. Each shade has a different meaning but all of them are perfect for saying “I Do”. Red roses represent passionate love and romance, while pink roses are a sign of admiration and yellow roses are synonymous with friendship and joy.

Real Wedding: Sarah & Kevin

{Photo by Black & Hue Photography}

The perfect sentiment for your special day, peonies signify love and a happy marriage. It’s no surprise these are one of the most popular selections for Breakers’ brides.

Flower Meaning

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With endless layers of petals, ranunculus indicate attractiveness, charm and admiration.

Fall & Winter Trends

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Epitomizing protection against ill wishes, anemones also symbolize anticipation and excitement for something in the future. The best is yet to come!

Real Wedding: Jade & Chris

{Photo by Lance Nicoll Photography}

Known to symbolize rare beauty, love and fertility, orchids are a natural favorite for weddings and are available in a variety of colors, sizes and shapes.

Beyond A White Color Scheme

{Photo by Suna Photography}

With its trumpet shape and elegant air, calla lilies truly exemplify their meaning of the word regal. Calla lilies are also synonymous with magnificent beauty, as their name originated from the Greek word for beauty.

Top 25 Must-Have Wedding Photos

{Photo by Shea Christine Photography}

You might recognize astilbes from past Royal Wedding bouquets. These filler flowers add beautiful texture and softness to any bouquet. Astilbe also stands for dedication to a loved one, making it totally wedding worthy.

Real Wedding: Elyse & Stefan

{Photo by Lindsey Boluyt}

Who wouldn’t want to carry a bouquet with greenery that stands for a secret bond of love? Ferns also signify sincerity towards each other.



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