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The Sweetest Day Deserves a Custom Cake

Your wedding isn’t cookie cutter, so why should your cake be?

All of our wedding packages include a stunning cake of your choice, with every delicious detail customized by you and brought to life by our incredibly talented team of pastry chefs. From life-like sugar flowers to edible gold tiers and more, let our team construct a masterpiece that truly takes the cake!

This week, we sat down with Breakers’ Pastry Chef Josh Rhodes, to learn more about one of the team’s most recent wedding cake creations…

Custom Designed Cake

Q: What was the inspiration behind the cake?

A: The bride and groom knew they wanted something different and non-traditional. The couple had a vibrant and elegant color scheme in mind and wanted various textures and mediums to create a cake that doubled as a work of art.

Q: Tell us about the design of this masterpiece?

A: We wanted to create a cake with interesting details that would become the focal point of the room. One design element we utilized was the gradation from white to gray to blue, finishing at the top with a dramatic black. We wanted to draw the eye to the center of the cake and decided to add lots of depth and color in the middle tiers to achieve that. Then to balance out the softness of the bottom tiers with the darker top tier, we used cascading sugar flowers.

Custom Designed Cake

Q: For this particular dessert, did you use any special techniques?

A: We used edible printing on the second and third tiers of the cake from the bottom. We found this incredible vector marble print for the detail and then layered on hand-painted gold leaf. We wanted to draw the eye to the center and who doesn’t love a little gold accent?

Q: Were there any particular challenges with creating this cake?

A: The biggest challenge in making any cake is to make sure that the final result represents the couple’s inspiration and vision. This was challenging for a statement cake with so much visual impact, especially ensuring that there was a good flow between three very different layers. In the end, the couple was thrilled!

Custom Designed Cake

Q: What was your favorite part of this cake?

A: I love how different this cake is. One of my favorite parts of this cake has to be the vector printed tiers with the hand-painted, gold leaf detailing. I’m always thrilled when a couple wants to break the mold of a traditional cake and take a risk.

Q: If it looks this good on the outside, we have to know what’s happening on the inside. Tell us about the flavors and fillings?

A: The couple and their guests enjoyed alternating layers of rich coconut butter cake with a coconut cream filling and carrot cake filled with white chocolate cheesecake. Yum!



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