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25 Must-Have Wedding Photos

There will be so many amazing moments from your wedding day that you’ll never want to forget—and luckily, you’ll be able to cherish and relive them over and over again with the incredible images captured by your wedding photographer.

To help you get a picture-perfect wedding album, our team has put together a list of our top 25 must-have wedding images. Lights, camera, action!

1. Destination Fun
Capture the scenery on the resort grounds and make sure to take beautiful photos in front of the hotel and our historic Florentine Fountain.

Real Wedding: Eileen & Shane

{Photo by Sara Kauss Photography}

2. The Invitation Suite
You’re invited! Show off your full wedding stationary suite with a beautiful flat lay, featuring a simple stem and other delicate details.

Real Wedding: Jade & Chris

{Photo by Lance Nicoll Photography}

3. The Girls Getting Ready
Candid or posed, capturing the girls getting ready is fun you’ll never forget.

Real Wedding: Rochelle & Frank

{Photo by Alain Martinez Photography}

4. The Bling
Although you’ll be able to gaze at your ring for the rest of your life, we can’t help but swoon over a shot of all your wedding day sparkle…

Real Wedding: Jade & Chris

{Photo by Lance Nicoll Photography}

5. The Wedding Shoes
Don’t forget to document your stunning shoes before you dance the night away in them.

Head Over Heels: Wedding Shoe Inspiration

{Photo by KT Merry Photography}

6. The Bride Getting into her Dress
Whether your mom or your Maid of Honor (or both!) help you get into the gown, it’s definitely a special moment.

Top 25 Must-Have Wedding Photos

{Photo by Nancy Cohn Photography}

7.The Balcony
There’s nothing quite like a photo of the gorgeous bride against the picturesque backdrop of the Atlantic…

Real Wedding: Caitlin & Ryan

{Photo by Nancy Cohn Photography}

8. The Veil
If you choose to rock a veil, you absolutely have to get a shot of your veil dancing in the breeze.

Real Wedding: Staci & Michael

{Photo by Nancy Cohn Photography}

9. The Groomsmen Shot
The groom may not like taking too many photos, but he’ll love a fun shot with his guys.

Cool Groomsmen Photos | The Breakers Palm Beach

{Photo by Sara Kauss Photography}

10. The Bouquet
Immortalize your beautiful blooms!

Top 25 Must-Have Wedding Photos

{Photo by Shea Christine Photography}

11. The Bridal Party
Take a shot with your entire wedding party.

Real Wedding: Jade & Chris

{Photo by Lance Nicoll Photography}

12. The Portrait
Whether it’s your first look or a special moment after your ceremony, a stunning portrait is something you’ll surely cherish forever…

Fernanda & Jake

{Photo by Alain Martinez Photography}

13. The Dramatic Ceremony Entrance
The moment everyone stands and the bride walks down the aisle…

20 Must-Have Wedding Photos

{Photo by Fred Marcus Studio}

14. The Kiss…
The fabulous moment when you seal the deal and become husband and wife.

Top 25 Must-Have Wedding Photos

{Photo by Lindsey Boluyt Photography}

15. The Cutie Pies
From giggles with the bride to sprinkling petals down the aisle, everything about these little wedding guests is precious! 

Wedding Day Cutie Pies

{Photo by Chris Joriann Photography}

16. The Room Shot
Before you and your guests sit down, have your photographer sneak in and get a photo of the room when all the decor is just perfect.

Beyond A White Color Scheme

{Photo by Munoz Photography}

17. The Escort Card Display
You might not see the escort card display during cocktail hour as you and your new husband take portraits shots together, so make sure your photographer captures your display in all its beauty…

Escort Card Display

{Photo by Fred Marcus Studio}

18. The Centerpieces
These arranged flowers are too pretty not to photograph!

Real Wedding: Natalie & Mike

{Photo by Christian Arevalo}

19. The First Dance
Your first dance as husband and wife is such a beautiful moment…

20 Must-Have Wedding Photos

{Photo by Sarah DiCicco Photography}

20. The Signature Cocktail
You’ll want to remember every delicious detail from your day, from the sips to the sweets…

Palm Beach Inspired Wedding

{Photo by Luv Rox Photography}

21. The Yummy
Whether it’s your scrumptious first course, that amazing entree or the surprise Giant Martini Sundae, don’t forget to capture everything you served to your guests.

20 Must-Have Wedding Photos

{Photo by Nancy Cohn Photography}

22. The Cake
The cake is often the centerpiece of your wedding dinner, be sure to capture its beauty.

20 Must-Have Wedding Photos
{Photo by Braedon Flynn Photography}

23. The Action
Capture the excitement and those extra special moments…

20 Must-Have Wedding Photos

{Photo by Nancy Cohn Photography}

24. The Hot Wheels
The special getaway car…

20 Must-Have Wedding Photos

{Photo by Braja Mandala}

25. The Stolen Kiss
Shots like this capture your true love and are the ones that will keep you smiling for years.

20 Must-Have Wedding Photos

{Photo by Sarah DiCicco Photography}

Did your must-have wedding photo make our list?

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