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7 Tips for Wedding Gown Alterations

Our friends at BRIDES magazine recently shared “7 Tips Every Bride Should Know” about wedding dress alternations—and it was such great advice, we just had to pass it along to you.

Wedding Gown Alteration Tips

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Here are seven key things to remember when it comes to bridal alterations…

1) Stay on schedule
BRIDES recommends buying a dress 10 months before your wedding, if possible. Keep in mind, once ordered, it could take up to five months to arrive in the salon.

2) Remember to budget for alterations
Bridal alterations can be charged per services or at some salons, are a flat fee based on what is needed to make the dress fit you perfectly. Design changes can cost anywhere from $50 to a few hundred based on the style changes you may need.

3) Be mindful of your anticipated wedding weight
As Terry Hall of Kleinfeld Bridal shared with BRIDES, “Never order a too-small dress as motivation.” It is always easier to take a larger dress in than to let a smaller one out. Instead, consider a dress with structure.

4) Wear your wedding shoes
To ensure the perfect hem, you’ll want to make sure the shoes you are wearing are the same pair, or at least the same height, as the ones you’ll wear on your wedding day.

Wedding Gown Alteration Tips

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5) Go for a hemline that grazes the ground
The hemline is very important to ensure you won’t trip on your dress. As Monique Lhuillier’s director of alterations, Rita Ertl, told BRIDES: “With your hem grazing the floor, you will be able to walk, dance, and mingle with your guests.”

6) Bring along the undergarments and accessories you’ll wear on the Big Day
You want to wear exactly what your will be wearing on your wedding day, including shapewear, for the best possible tailoring.

7) Bring a friend
It’s always best to have a buddy. Bring your mom or your best friend with you so you have an extra set of eyes and someone you trust to discuss any alteration decisions.

See the full list of wedding dress alteration tips and advice at

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