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4 Wedding Tradition Musts

When it comes to wedding etiquette advice, we always turn to Anna Post. The great-great-granddaughter of famed Emily Post, Anna shares her tips with our friends at Inside Weddings.

While we believe the key to a memorable wedding is in personalized details, we just had to share Anna’s expert advice on the top four wedding traditions worth holding onto…

4 Wedding Tradition Musts

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“Traditions exist for many reasons: practicality, superstition, habit,” Anna shares in her column. “When it comes to etiquette, the ones to keep are the ones that help you to honor and show respect for the people who help you marry – even if the tradition in question may feel burdensome or old-fashioned at first.”

Top traditions couples should not forgo:

1) Paper Invitations
Your wedding invitations set the tone for the big day and serve as a way to tell guests this event is “worth making a fuss over.” As Anna explains, “paper invitations have substance that helps create a gravitas that a computer screen just can’t replicate.”

Wedding Tradition Must: Paper Invitations

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2) Visit with Guests
Whether it’s a formal receiving line, a chat during the cocktail reception or a special table visit during dinner, making time for your guests is key. As Anna shares, “one of the most important duties you have is to personally speak with and thank each and every guest for attending your wedding.”

3) Cut the Cake Early
As well as a truly sweet tradition, the cutting of the cake also provides a tactful signal that guests may leave without being thought rude—and ensures they won’t miss a special moment. Anna notes, “plan to cut the cake not long after dinner is finished so that older guests and guests with small children can make their exit at a reasonable hour.”

Wedding Tradition Must: Cut the Cake Early

{Photo by Nancy Cohn Photography}

4) Send Prompt, Handwritten Thank-You Notes
While some say couples have up to a year to send their notes, Anna says it’s best to ensure your thank yous are in the mail by three months after the honeymoon. Adding, “while it’s important that the notes go out on time, it’s just as important that they are handwritten and unique to each guest.”

…need help with your Thank-You notes? Inside Weddings has some great advice on how to write a thoughtful, personalized message.

What wedding traditions are most important to you? Do tell!


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