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Wedding Trend Watch: What’s In & What’s Out

Trends come and go, but your wedding photos last forever—and what truly makes your wedding memorable is the details.

2017 Hottest Wedding Trends
{Photo by Nancy Cohn Photography}

With more than 90 years of combined experience, our team weighs in on this year’s wedding trends and what has helped ensure all of our recent Breakers brides’ (and grooms’) dreams come true.

What’s IN:

Hottest wedding trends that are turning up the heat…

2017 Hottest Wedding Trends

  • Dessert Bar: Everyone love sweets… treat your guests to a delicious interactive experience with an oversized dessert bar. Our favorites? The Breakers Cookie Shop, Cake Bar or Black Tap styled Milkshake Bar.



  • Live Entertainment: And we’re not referring to your band. This year, couples are turning to celebrity musicians and big name acts for special appearances and truly memorable performances.



  • First Look: While the sentimental tradition of seeing each other for the first time during your ceremony is one we value and respect, our team always suggests a couple see each other beforehand. When you can setup a “First Look,” it provides your photographer and videographer with an opportunity to fully capture your emotional reactions… leaving you with a beautiful moment you can treasure forever.



  • Extended Wedding Weekend: Get the celebration started early with a relaxed, Welcome Party. If most of your guests are from out-of-town, or simply people you haven’t seen in a while, a welcome party is a great way to greet everyone in a laid-back, no-pressure atmosphere. Why should the fun end after the wedding? Continue the celebration and weekend-long wedding excitement with a send-off brunch the next day.

What’s OUT:

Trendy wedding fun that’s ready for an update…

2017 Hottest Wedding Trends

{Photo by Christian Oth Studio}

  • Specialty Cocktails: While delicious drinks are a wedding must, personalize the cocktail experience further for your guests with themed stations—consider a Bourbon Bar, Champagne Bar or Craft Cocktail Bar.



  • Bouquet Toss: In lieu of the traditional bouquet toss, ask your band or DJ to play a high energy last dance mash up or Hora Loca (“Crazy Hour”) dance set. Also consider a sweet send off with an edible favor to go.



  • Guest Book: Ditch the traditional guest book and opt for something fun and unique. We’re loving BRIDES’ 20 creative ideas.



Breakers Bride Tip: Combine your special memories and the resort’s storied history and have your guests sign The Breakers History Book! Also makes a lovely coffee table book…

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