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5 Wedding Day Must-Do’s for the Bride

The most magical wedding day is a flurry of excitement and nerves — and the best advice is remember to slow down and take it all in.

5 Wedding Day Must-Do's for the Bride

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Our friends at BRIDES magazine recently shared some great advice and a few must do’s that we just had to pass along…


  • Take Time for Yourself —
    You are surrounded by all of your loved ones — best friends, family and guests — don’t forget to take a little “me” time if you need it. Review your vows, glance at yourself in all your wedding day glory or sneak a peek at your ceremony or reception decor.



  • Breathe —
    Feeling over excited or nervous? Take a minute and a few deep breaths… a breather helps you reset a new level of calm.



  • Take a Snack Break —
    From getting ready to heading down the aisle, you need your energy. Place your maid of honor on snack duty so you remember to eat periodically throughout the day.



  • Remember What the Day is About —
    In the midst of dancing, dining and drinking, it can be incredibly simple to forget that your wedding day is about your marriage and partnership with your husband.



  • Appreciate the Moment —
    A stolen kiss, a sweet smile and a touching tear. Remember to appreciate all the special moments, especially your walk down the aisle, wedding vows, first dance and cake cutting. Take a minute to relish the details of your wedding that make it truly special and oh-so-you!


 Enjoy more tips from BRIDES.

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