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Tips For Becoming A Toast Master!

The honored tradition of toasting a newlywed couple can be exciting, but let’s be honest; it’s also down right nerve-racking — especially when you’re the maid of honor or the best man.

Tips for becoming a toast master

Thanks to, The Breakers has some advice to help ease your nerves. Below is a list of traditional and fun toasts that you can personalize for your loved ones’ special day. Cheers!

Wedding Toast: Maid of Honor to Couple
It can be hard to share your best friend with someone else, but I have been thrilled to share (bride) with (groom.) The love you show to each other is inspiring and beautiful and I look forward to seeing it continue to grow. I am honored to be able to raise a toast to my wonderful best friend and her new husband. To (bride) and (groom)!

Wedding Toast: Best Man to Wedding Guests
I propose a toast to the guests who have honored the lucky couple with their presence today. I know that it is the love and support of their families and friends that enabled them to make the journey that came to such a happy ending. I pray all of you will always continue to love and support them in the coming years.

Wedding Toast: Maid of Honor to Bride
(Bride), we have shared so much our lives with each other. I am so honored to be sharing this day with you. Starting today, you will begin to share a life with (groom), but remember that I will always be here for you and always ready to stand up by your side. Here’s to our everlasting friendship!

Wedding Toast: Best Man to Bride
I rise to offer a toast to the bride. May this day be the beginning of a new chapter in a love story that will endure forever, and bring joy and happiness to her and her new husband. May she always remember and honor the vows she made today and let them be the strong foundation on which their life together will be built.

Wedding Toast: Maid of Honor to Groom
To (groom), who through his love has shown me a different side of (bride.) He has made her happier than I have ever seen her, and I can’t wait to witness how your love continues to help her grow. I am so happy that she has you in her life. To (groom)!

Wedding Toast: Best Man to Groom
Here is to my friend. Today I had the honor to stand beside you on this most important day, as you have so often stood by me in good times and bad. I wish you and your lovely bride nothing but happiness, prosperity, and good health.

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