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Martha Stewart Weddings’ Top Planners

The brilliant team at Martha Stewart Weddings recently ranked the top 63 wedding planners in the United States and we are honored to congratulate seven of our Breakers Blue Book partners for topping the chart!

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The Martha Stewart Weddings’ team listed the planners alphabetical by region, starting in the west:

#4 – Laurie Arons Special Events (West)
From Martha Stewart Weddings: “Good planners listen to clients. But great ones, like Arons (who’s been at it since 1994), know how to guide them if an idea isn’t workable.”

#15 – Mindy Weiss Party Consultants (West)
From MSW: “Best known for working with high-profile brides like Jessica Simpson, Weiss and her team plan up to 60 weddings each year.”

#44 – Rafanelli Events (East)
From MSW: “Bryan Rafanelli planned Chelsea Clinton’s nuptials and once built a barge in Boston Harbor for another wedding.”

#48 – David Reinhard Events (East)
From MSW: “Frequent fliers Ann David and Nicky Reinhard will plan and execute an unforgettable wedding wherever their clients take them.”

#50 – JZ Events (East)
From MSW: “With a background in hospitality, Jennifer Zabinski uses her knowledge of all things service-oriented, from food to staffing, to plan seamless events.”

#52 – Marcy Blum Associates (East)
From MSW: “Blum literally wrote the book on planning (Wedding Planning for Dummies) and has been in the biz for 29 years—longer than anyone else on this list.”

#55 – Tracy Taylor Ward Design (East)
From MSW: “Ward planned her own 2010 wedding and started orchestrating others two months later with help from her husband, who still works alongside her.”


{ See the full list of Martha Stewart Weddings63 Top Wedding Planners. }

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