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Six Signs You’ve Found “The” Dress

Finding the perfect gown for your wedding is no easy feat. But we found six easy signs to help you decide which stunning gown is worthy of your special day…

Six signs you found 'the' dress
{Photo by Donna Newman Photography}

1. You never want to take it off – you suddenly feel like a child, spinning around in your favorite party dress

2. Someone cries – real tears from mom, your maid of honor, maybe even the salesperson

3. You look amazing – imperfections are impossible in the perfect gown

4. Price is suddenly not a deal-breaker – what was a little over your budget is now just-right

5. You can’t picture yourself in anything else – when you close your eyes and envision yourself walking down the aisle, it is in this gown

6. Can’t. stop. smiling. – the huge grin on your face looks glued on and it’s not going anywhere…

Happy shopping!

Do you have any wedding gown shopping tips? Do share!


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