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Light My Fire: More than Just a Candle

Celebrity designer and long-time Breakers Blue Book partner David Beahm recently blogged about his thoughts on professional lighting and we just had to share!

Wedding Lighting
{Lighting by The Breakers’ Audio/Visual Services & Décor by The Design Studio at The Breakers}

“The one thing that everyone who hosts a special event wants is the ‘Oh my! Moment’ – when everyone who walks into the room catches their breath,” David says in his blog.

David goes on to explain that professional lighting grew out of theatrical lighting, with the goal of directing the eye to what you want to be seen. As weddings and special events focused more on creating dramatic, unforgettable moments, designers turned to the theatre to help make events more impactful with the use of lighting.

“How could you not have lighting?” David says in his blog, recollecting on a conversation with a bride’s father. “It assures that the investment you’re making in our décor is actually seen and not hidden in the shadows!”

We couldn’t agree more.

Read more on David Beahm’s blog, David’s Musing.

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