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Bespoke: Inspiration in The Palm Of Your Hand

When planning your special day, inspiration can come from so many places. With tons of wedding blogs and beautiful images on every one of your social media platforms, it’s hard to gather all of your inspiration into one place. Until now.

Bespoke Social Media Atelier is a new iPad app tailored for the creative community, offering a “one-stop-shopping” approach to curating inspiration and ideas…

Bespoke Social Media Atelier

A true comprehensive tool, Bespoke helps you bring together all of your social media – Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr – and RSS feeds from your favorite blogs into one very visual platform. You can then save, or “clip,” content to create your own “Inspiration Books.”

The best part? It’s all private until you decide to share an Inspiration Book – perfect for sharing some of your wedding inspiration with your bridesmaids, your planner, or your Breakers’ Catering Manager!

Founders Michele and Frank Spiezia – the same brilliant minds behind Breakers’ Blue Book partners Films by Francesco – say Bespoke provides privacy, control over distraction and context of content without having to access multiple platforms.

Bespoke Social Media Atelier“Bespoke is amazing because it allows you to search, discover, and save content in a beautifully designed AND functional tool,” says Michele, Bespoke’s Founder and CEO. “Organizing is simple and sharing is seamless, making it easy and fun to create a conversation with the people who matter most on your big day and beyond!”

Additional features include an in-app browser for search-specific inquiries, the ability to add photos to Inspiration Books from a personal photo library or camera, and the ability to write notes on a photo to remember why you saved it.

{Bespoke is free to download for iPad and now available in the App Store}


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