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The Bridal Circle Names The Breakers ‘Creative Partners’

The Bridal Circle“An Exclusive Guide to the Finest Wedding Vendors” — with a tagline like this, you know to expect nothing short of fabulous from The Bridal Circle!

Aiming to be the online “go to” exclusive community for couture wedding finds, The Bridal Circle connects the world’s most discerning brides with a handful of carefully chosen specialists in the wedding industry — including a list of Creative Partners who provide luxury products and exceptional service. The Breakers Weddings & Celebrations Team is so honored to be included in such a coveted community!



The Bridal Circle - The Breakers Palm Beach

 Take a peek at The Breakers profile on The Bridal Circle!

From Sade Awe, the brilliant founder of The Bridal Circle:

“Membership in The Bridal Circle is as particular and exclusive as the brides we accommodate. All professional applicants for participation are selected by a credentialed panel of wedding industry experts in our field; we invite only the most distinguished, global visionaries to become Creative Partners in The Bridal Circle.”

Special thanks to Sade for this honor – The Breakers Weddings & Celebrations Team is so excited to be a part of The Bridal Circle!

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We are thrilled to have you as Creative Partner!

An honor to work with one of the BEST…

Thank you for the lovely post.


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