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Breakers Celebrates Herb Harvest Festival

Join us as we celebrate the harvest of Rosemary from The Breakers Organic Herb and Vegetable Garden! Enjoy guided herd garden tours and demonstrations, special dinner menu items at The Flagler Steakhouse and custom beverages throughout the Dining Collection.

Good Times Gin and Tonic

HMF will be featuring its “Good Times” Gin and Tonic, made fresh with rosemary and Kirby cucumber!

Join in on the fun!

  • Complimentary herb garden tours and demonstrations daily at 2:00 p.m. for hotel guests and club members. Reservations are required for the tour and can be made by contacting the Activities Center at ext. 7691.
  • The Breakers will be offering rosemary-inspired dinner specials at The Flagler Steakhouse through January, 20.
  • Custom beverages, such as a Rosemary Martini, as well as specialty Iced Teas will also be offered throughout our restaurants and bars.
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The Breakers
One South County Road
Palm Beach, FL 33480