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Breakers’ Dream Maker: Ceci Johnson

Known internationally as a top luxury invitation designer and style expert, Ceci Johnson attracts a global clientele of royalty, A-List celebrities, and design savvy Breakers’ brides and grooms.

Breakers’ Dream Maker: Ceci Johnson

A leader in couture invitation design and visual styling, The Breakers is honored to partner with Ceci and her company Ceci New York to offer an array of exclusive Breakers-inspired designs.  See her stunning collection of invitation ensembles here.

One of our many favorites, the Coral Cove ensemble…

Breakers’ Dream Maker: Ceci JohnsonHow did you use The Breakers’ immense history and amazing architecture to inspire your exclusive Breakers collection?
The beautiful thing about The Breakers is that there is inspiration everywhere I look. The architecture in particular is overflowing with ornate details and the lines create a really nice movement. Even the patterns in the carpets are eye candy to me. These details just make it easy for me to run with design ideas and imagine how they will translate into wedding invitations. Check out some of my favorite inspiration pictures I took with my iPhone while I visited…

Breakers’ Dream Maker: Ceci Johnson

Where does your inspiration come from?
I am always inspired first and foremost by my clients, and I combine that with my loves of fashion, culture, design, art and travel. Inspiration is everywhere I look in my world.

Breakers’ Dream Maker: Ceci Johnson

How do you connect with your clients to discover their personal style?
It’s all about getting to know each other! I love having an informal conversation about what they love, how they met, what details excite them. Essentially sharing anything and everything about their hopes and desires for their wedding day!  After hearing all of this information, I’m able to create a vision for their invitation design that suits their personal style and desires.

Breakers’ Dream Maker: Ceci JohnsonWhat’s in: What hot new wedding trends do you see emerging?
Personalization is huge and still going strong. It’s the most incredible luxury to have a talented designer create something one of a kind just for you on your wedding day. Whether it’s your dress, your cake, or your invitations, being able to receive something created just for you is beyond. I love to create unique, never-been-seen before, jaw dropping invitation statement pieces exclusively for my clients.

Breakers’ Dream Maker: Ceci Johnson

What’s out: Any trends you could leave behind?
The email wedding invitation. This is not acceptable in my book. Whenever I’m asked, “Is it ok to send an email wedding invitation?”  I always say, “Would you wear sweats and Ugg boots to your own wedding?’” To me it’s the same thing!

What is it like designing a new collection for an event at The Breakers?
One of my favorite things to do! The Breakers never ceases to amaze me. Every time I visit, my senses are immediately awakened and I’m inspired by everything I see around me. From the architectural detail to the beauty of the sea when I’m walking on the sand, The Breakers has so much to work with!

Breakers’ Dream Maker: Ceci JohnsonDepending upon the type of bride, I focus on different aspects of The Breakers. For one, it might be the gorgeous ceiling in the Gold Room. For another, I may choose the relaxed vibe of the tropical sea breezes. Whatever our angle, I make sure to design a couple’s invitation to be the perfect combination of their personalities and the magnificent splendor that is The Breakers Palm Beach.

Breakers’ Dream Maker: Ceci Johnson

If you weren’t a designer, what would you be doing?
I would be an actress on Broadway singing and dancing my heart out every day (that was my life before I went into Graphic Design). Either that, or a fashion designer.

Breakers’ Dream Maker: Ceci JohnsonWhat advice would you give to a bride who wants a traditional wedding with a modern twist?
Go for an invitation that has classic flourished script letterpress printed on thick, heavy card stock. Opt for gold foil accents to dress up the names, then mount it to an unexpected folio that closes with a clasp presenting your personalized emblem. Pair it with a gorgeous liner that boasts a beautiful print and you have the perfect modern spin on tradition.

Breakers’ Dream Maker: Ceci Johnson

Give us three of your favorite wedding must-haves.
1. An amazing gown – I’m still giddy about my Oscar de la Renta!
2. Surround yourself with your closest friends and family
3. A couture designed invitation suite (of course!)

Ceci New York
212.989.0695 x12
Website | Twitter | Facebook

CECI DELIVERED: Get a free dose of Ceci Johnson’s inspirations every week! Discover her style letter, CeciStyle, and sign up today. 




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