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From Palm Beach to Gascony: Meet The Breakers’ Wines

If you’ve sipped The Breakers’ selection of custom-blended house wines, then your taste buds have visited the southwest of France.

In fact, our Master Sommelier Virginia Philip and members of the executive Food and Beverage team travel nearly 5,000 miles to Domaine du Tariquet in Gascony each year to create the unique and sensational taste of The Breakers’ excusive collection of house wines.

Meet The Breakers’ Wines

Originally founded in 1683, Château du Tariquet (above) has been the primary home of the Grassa family of winemakers since 1912. The family is currently the largest vineyard landholders in France.

« Take a sneak peek inside Domaine du Tariquet with this video… »

Yves Grassa, a second-generation family owner, took over the exquisite grounds from his father who had produced only Armagnac. Yves decided to transform the land, adding a technologically advanced winemaking facility that has been producing brilliant wines for years. Yves is currently residing in Romania, leaving his sons Armin and Remy at the helm and visiting Domaine du Tariquet as often as possible.

Meet The Breakers’ Wines From left: Armin, Remy and Yves Grassa with Tariquet staff Aline Migneault and winemaker Guillaume Combes

Last month, our Director of Food & Beverage for Catering and Banquets, Joan Bever, and Executive Chef of Banquets Jeff Simms joined Virginia Philip on the annual blending trip to Domaine du Tariquet – an exclusive partnership now ten years in the making.

Meet The Breakers’ WinesAt left: Virginia Philip, Jeff Simms, Distributor Craig Diamond and Joan Bever

At right: Tariquet’s Director of Commerce Ithier Bouchard with Joan, Jeff and Armin

 The team joined the Grassa family in the tasting room (above, left) blending and re-blending each variation of wine until the final selections for this year’s house wines were just perfect — an easy task with a clear view of savory grapes and vines in every window.

Meet The Breakers’ Wines At left: Joan Bever with Château du Tariquet Owner Yves Grassa

At right: The team (Joan and Virginia pictured) joined the dedicated and passionate Grassa family in celebrating
100 years of fabulous Tariquet wine

 Meet The Breakers’ Wines

Re-blended annually, The Breakers’ house wine collection includes an exclusive blend of Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc, Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon.

Meet The Breakers’ Wines


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The house blend is really good –

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