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The Breakers Bunch: Meet the Team

When you choose The Breakers for your special day you don’t just get one creative mind to work with….

The Breakers Bunch

From left: Joan Bever, Kym Bichon, Jeff Fowler, Katie Gillespie, Sascha LaGreca and Sal Racicot.
Photos by Donna Newman Photography

The Weddings & Celebrations team (above) is comprised of our director and six Catering Managers who work hand-in-hand like a big family to plan your special day. In fact, all of The Breakers’ 1,800 employees join forces to ensure your fabulous event and your stay at the Palm Beach resort is truly unforgettable.

Take a peak behind-the-scenes with this Meet the Team video by Breakers partners Frank and Michele of Films by Francesco

Visit the Meet the Team page to read more about The Breakers Bunch and meet the rest of The Breakers Weddings & Celebrations Team

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The Breakers
One South County Road
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