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Trend Watch: Laser-cut Ketubah!

A beautiful Jewish wedding tradition, the ketubah is signed by both the bride and groom prior to the ceremony and considered an integral part of a traditional Jewish marriage.

Laser-cut Ketubah
This gorgeous laser-cut ketubah was signed at a recent wedding at The Breakers!

The beautiful document serves as a special type of Jewish prenuptial agreement, and outlines the rights and responsibilities of the groom, in relation to the bride.

Heather Lowenthall, the owner of Posh Parties & Paper, and the wedding planner for the ketubah pictured above, says the laser cut design is becoming very popular.

It’s a trend Heather’s excited to see continue, and we couldn’t agree more. Lovely!

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Love it and sure my clients would too. Please send info. I could make a cool art piece with one as well with several types of frames, metals, or acrylics…

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