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Breakers’ Dream Makers: Sara Renee Lowell

When a Breakers’ bride and groom hire Sara Renee Lowell, there is no doubt our team will see her checking every detail of the event with a smile on her face – the entire time. Sara lives by a motto her father taught her: “Guests should enter happy and leave happier!”


Sara Renee Lowell


“My desire to establish a career in the event industry originated 29 years ago, at world famous Madison Square Garden. I was fortunate since my father was VP and involved me and my sister often,” Sara says. “Having access to behind the scenes my entire youth has guided, molded, inspired and taught me the intricacies of what it takes to orchestrate a successful event. At 18, I moved to Manhattan and dove right into the social event industry.”


Q: What is it like planning an event at The Breakers?
A: EASY! The Breakers makes it very easy for me to plan a successful event. The catering team, and the entire staff of the hotel gives more then 100% of themselves. The Breakers not only understands the “marriage” between bride and groom, they understand the “marriage” between planner and venue.


Q: Where does your inspiration come from?
A: My number one inspiration comes from traveling. I have many national and international clients, so I like to travel every summer to stay on top of the latest trends and visit the hottest and newest restaurants. Inspiration has come from seeing how a table is set in Tuscany, Italy to simply sitting in a theatrical production at Disney World. I also get inspiration by communicating with my peers in Los Angeles who do celebrity and major events. I can always be heard mumbling, “Oh, this would be so cool to do at a wedding!”


Q: What is the most important reason your clients cite for choosing The Breakers?
A: Reputation, history, quality of service and – my personal favorite – AWESOME backup plans in case of bad weather.


Q: Give us three of your favorite weddings must-dos.
A: 1. Bride and groom MUST have fun!
2. Bride and groom must insert personal elements into their wedding to make it special and “theirs.” It can be food from each of their hometowns (i.e. Clam chowder served with Philly Cheesesteak appetizers), favorite music style in cocktail hour, or personalizing the program wording. By doing things like this, you make your wedding so much more personal and special.
3. I LOVE doing a surprise factor after cake. I call it the “second wind.” It brings the event back to life and keeps people wanting to stay longer. This could come in the form of a Samba group or a Junkanoo band … people go crazy for this!


Enjoy some images from Sara’s favorite events at The Breakers…


Sara Renee Events


Sara Renee Events


Sara Renee Events


Q: How does The Breakers history and architecture inspire your and your events at the hotel?
A: The first, and still the most luxurious, classical, and renowned hotel in South Florida, The Breakers physical interior and exterior is a catalyst for the success of any event. Whether your style is classic, romantic, artistic, or modern, The Breakers exemplifies Palm Beach glamour.


Q: What’s the most important piece of advice you can offer a bride and groom?
A: Book a great planner and amazing venue, this will keep you stress free and happy!


Q: What hot new trend do you see emerging for winter weddings? How about 2012?
A: American gothic meets Brooklyn chic. For real, I think the trend for winter and 2012 are weddings that have a local homegrown vintage eclectic feeling to them. It’s a shabby chic look, but has modern and contemporary elements that make it fit for black tie!


Sara Renee Events


Sara Renee Events


Q: How does a wedding at The Breakers differ from those at other venues?
A: The quality of an event produced at The Breakers is by far superior to others and always flawless. Fortunately for our industry, The Breakers continues to be the gold standard for impeccable service and taste.



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