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Candles To Light Your Heart

Candle favors have always been a sweet treat for wedding guests – but these candles are both sweet smelling and offer a sweet message. When we heard about ScentsAbility candles, our team instantly wanted to help support their amazing mission.


Not only do they look beautiful and smell delicious, each soy candle is handmade by individuals with special needs.


ScentsAbility candles


ScentsAbility was started by a husband and wife team who wanted to raise money for their daughter and other children with special needs – while offering the kids something fun to do. The organization makes more than 3,000 candles a year and strives to show the world that individuals with special needs have the ability to contribute to society.


The incredible people at ScentsAbility have donated an array of their handmade candle tins to be placed in the special VIP gift bags given to all the attendees of The Breakers’ Palm Beach Food & Wine Festival event on December 10.


ScentsAbility’s tagline – “Lighting the path to independence one candle at a time” – warms our hearts.


Visit to find out more about the ScentsAbility program and how you can order their candles today.


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