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Real Wedding: Meet Bride & Groom-to-be Jessica and Jordon

This December, beautiful Florida native Jessica and her fiance, South Carolina native Jordon, will tie the knot at one of their favorite places on the planet. Meet Breakers’ bride and groom-to-be Jessica and Jordon.

Real Wedding: Jessica & Jordon

For Jessica and Jordon, choosing The Breakers’ for their big day was not a difficult task. In fact, Jessica’s parents and both her mother’s brother and sister all hosted their wedding receptions at The Breakers!

Jessica and Jordan sat down and shared some of their memories, along with their gorgeous engagement photos taken by Chris Joriann Fine Art Photography at Jessica’s parents’ Florida farm at Kissimmee Oaks Ranch.

Real Wedding: Jessica & Jordon

Q: What made you and Jordon choose The Breakers for your special day? Did you always dream of being married at The Breakers?
A: As a little girl, I loved looking through my parents’ wedding album and I ALWAYS dreamt of having a big wedding at The Breakers! Of course, Jordon and I tried to be open-minded to all possibilities, but we will both admit our hearts were truly set on The Breakers the first time we visited. It just seemed like no other place could compare to the beauty and grandeur we saw and felt at The Breakers. We both were awestruck and kept saying, “We have to make our wedding happen here.”

Real Wedding: Jessica & Jordon

Real Wedding: Jessica & Jordon

Q: Your engagement photos have an amazing vintage feel, explain your vision for your wedding.
A: Truthfully, I’ve always loved classic elegance. Jordon and I both agreed we wanted a big traditional wedding and when we started thinking about decor, a formal vintage feel just seemed perfect for us.

Real Wedding: Jessica & Jordon

Q: How did Jordon propose?
A: Jordon proposed on Dec. 18 on a boat on the ocean at sunrise. I just thought we were going fishing and was completely surprised when he got down on one knee (while the boat was rocking) and pulled out a ring box. As he was telling my why he wanted me to be his wife and that he loved me, I kept telling myself not to forget to say “yes!” Of course, through the tears I said “yes” and we toasted our engagement and a lifetime of love over mimosas on the front of the boat.

Real Wedding: Jessica & Jordon

Real Wedding: Jessica & Jordon

Q: We’re more than six months out from the big day, what is your excitement level?
A: We can’t believe how quickly the time has already passed. We want time to keep flying and can’t wait to officially be husband and wife!

Real Wedding: Jessica & Jordon

Q: What part of the wedding planning process are you enjoying the most?
A: Both of us really enjoyed planning possible menus and are so excited for our food tasting in August! Of course, being the girly bride, my favorite part so far was finding my dress!

Real Wedding: Jessica & Jordon

Q: What are you looking forward to most on your wedding day?
A: Most of all, we are looking forward to celebrating this incredibly special time with our family and friends. I think we are also so excited about that first feeling we will get seeing each other in the church right before we say our vows.

Real Wedding: Jessica & Jordon

Congratulations Jessica & Jordon! Stay tuned fro more as we follow their love story!

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Beth Granger

I love the Breakers website promoting wedding couples and their individual photos. As a new bride myself, these photos like this give me a thrill. Jessica and Jordon have stetched the imagination for couples planning weddings with a their own unique style. Hope their day is marked with fantastic memories of their new begining as Mr & Mrs at the Breakers.

Christina Cortez

I absolutely love your beautiful engagement pictures!! Jessica and Jordon are such a special couple! Your wedding at the Breakers is going to be amazing. We can’t wait!! 🙂


Thank you so much for all of the sweet notes and love shown through the blog comments. I am so thankful The Breakers posted our engagement photos and story. It is truly special to share our story and the wedding planning process with everyone. We can’t wait for our wedding day and know it will be remarkably special at The Breakers! Less than 5 months to go!

Pam Brees

I can’t wait to see Jordon and Jessica in a magazine spread. Kansas is a long way away and it would help us be able to join in the fun. I’m ready for a wedding. What a wonderful love story.

Ree Mallison

I am so happy that Jessica and Jordon chose The Breakers. After enjoying the Breakers years ago I think it is the perfect place for their wedding. Loved the wedding pictures. Don’t think I’ve ever seen any so lovely.


Great photos of a beautiful couple! The Breakers looks like the perfect place for their wedding celebration with family and friends. I will be checking for updates on Jessica and Jordon.


This is such a great place! I can’t wait to see more of the blog and followup after the wedding. I am checking the blog weekly for updates! I am glad Jessica chose to keep tradition of the Breakers.

Pam Brees

I love these pictures and the write up. I live in Overland Park, Kansas so this just made it real for me. I would love to see their story in the magazine.

Lillian Garcia

WOW! It doesn’t get any more Southern than this! What a beautiful couple…The Breakers could benefit by presenting this couple in any of their future advertisement.

E Whittenberg

Great looking couple. Congratulations, these pictures show just the beginning. May you have many years together.


Congratulations to you both!! Your pictures are awesome! Wishing you all the best!! What a great place to celebrate.

Megan Shropshire

Beautiful pictures! This looks like a J Crew spread! 🙂 The wedding will be gorgeous, I’m sure!


The pictures are breath-taking! I know the wedding will be equally fabulous!


I am so happy that Jordon and Jessica choose the Breakers. They are a beautiful couple that represents your wonderful resort to the fullest.

lesley griffeth

Wow what a beautiful couple! I will definately be watching the blog for updates on them! I really enjoy seeing all the lovely weddings on here! The Breakers is really a paradise! Thank you for featuring Jessica and Jordon!


Adorable pictures. Congratulations!

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