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Engagement Photo Shoot: Advice From The Experts!

We all know photos are one of the best ways to immortalize your wedding memories. For many couples, the big day isn’t the first time they are snapped behind the camera. In fact, engagement photo shoots have become an integral part of today’s modern wedding traditions.


Engagement photos
This Breakers destination bride and groom had their engagement photos done at home in New York City. (Photo by Donna Newman)


But, where do you start when it comes to an engagement shoot? The Breakers turned to three of our favorite photographers for some answers. Read their responses in this special three-part series…


Engagement Photo Shoot Advice: Take One


The expert: Donna Newman
Like many wedding photographers, Donna says an engagement shoot is a great way for a couple to get to know their photographer before the wedding day. Her take: “It is a fabulous time to build rapport with one another so that when the wedding day arrives, you feel more like friends than strangers.”


Advice from the pro:
When getting ready for an engagement shoot, I find these tips work great…


• Avoid wearing clothes with patterns since it creates more of a busy look to the photo. We want to be focused on your faces, not on your outfit.


• Pick a location to shoot at which has meaning to you (such as the spot where you got engaged, or where you had your first date). By doing so, when you look at the photo, a smile will come across your face as you remember that special spot.


• Do a trial with your hair and makeup people that day. Not only will you look amazing for the shots, but you will feel completely confident on your big day that your team will get the right look.


• Imagine that the photographer isn’t there for some of the shots. Just have fun with your fiancé! These always make the best shots since they are natural, unaffected and spontaneous. This is when you see the “real” you come out!


• Try a few different looks/locations. The more time you spend with your photographer, the more relaxed you get.


• If you are planning to put your photo in an announcement (such as the local newspaper) make sure your photographer knows the exact requirements of that particular publication.


Photos from one of Donna’s favorite engagement shoots…


Engagement photos


Engagement photos


Engagement photos


Check back tomorrow for engagement photo shoot advice from Alain Martinez.


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