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Engagement Photo Shoot Advice: Take Two

Yesterday we shared some photo shoot advice from Donna Newman. Today, we have some advice for the guys — from one man to another.


The expert: Alain Martinez


Engagement photos


What to wear:
Dress up a little! Guys, a polo shirt, with a white under shirt and your same blue jeans since college is not going to cut it. Spend some time together shopping after looking for some inspiration in stylish non-high-fashion magazines such as GQ, Details, and others alike. If none of this helps you, a classic button-down dark color shirt with the sleeves rolled up and some dark tone jeans will work just fine.


Clothes to avoid:
All white, or all light color outfits. Lighter colors tend to draw the attention away from you and toward the outfits, and in most cases make people look larger than they are. Dark colors are more elegant and slimming, this is a fact. Avoid horizontal lines or outfits that are not flattering to your body, regardless of the skills of your photographer or even a little help from Photoshop.


Find a great spot:
Go to two locations if possible — one could be what your photographer suggests and the other one could be your pick. Consider: Where do you hang out? Where did you meet? Where did he propose? What do you do on the weekends, boating, surfing, picnic, play with your dog? All these are elements that could be incorporated into your session to make it more unique for the two of you. Avoid picking locations that are too crowded, unless that’s what you are looking for, and definitely avoid the beaten path.


How to make it ‘real’:
Have fun and interact with each other throughout the session to give your photographer some real moments. Try to do something different every time you hear the shutter go off. After your photographer has placed you in a spot where the lighting is good and the background is attractive, don’t stand there stiff hoping for your photographer to direct you. Whisper something in her ear to make her giggle, a subtle kiss in the forehead, cheeks, shoulders, hands, spin her around.


Don’t forget:
It’s easier said than done, but try to forget that someone is there taking your pictures and the result will be natural looking, candid pictures that you will love and cherish for many years to come.


Photos from some of Alain’s favorite engagement shoots…


Engagement photos

Engagement photos Engagement photos


For a very unique idea, check out Alain’s own engagement photo shoot.


Check back tomorrow for engagement photo shoot advice from Mel Barlow.

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Sarah Rigos

Great photos and dress tips Alain!

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