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Let’s Hear It For The Boys: Pinning The Boutineer

The bride’s bouquet usually gets all the attention, but what about the groom’s boutineer?


The boutineer is that distinguished touch that defines the groom and his groomsmen. Like many wedding traditions, the boutineer can be done traditionally or created with a more modern, unique touch.

Here’s a look at both types, custom-designed with fresh flowers by The Breakers Design Studio.

Traditional boutineers

Left: This striking piece was created with white stephanotis and accents of lisianthus, then wrapped with silver wire and ribbon and finished with crystal pins.

Right: Also designed with white stephanotis, this piece has a tiger orchid and hot pink coxcomb with a pearl center and pearl pin accents, all wrapped with double face pink satin ribbon.

Non traditional boutineers

Left: This non-traditional boutineer was made with fire opal flowers and a green succulent plant, all tired together with branch wire and white twigs.

Right: Adding some fun color, this boutineer was created with apricot vanda and then wrapped with satin ribbon and wire.

Photos courtesy of Jeff Kolodny and The Breakers

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Seth Ramire

Nice post . keep up the good work.

Aurea Poisso

Great website you have, I’ll definitely come back to check up on more of your posts.

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