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Jewish Wedding Traditions

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If you’ve never been to a Jewish wedding, these beautiful celebrations are filled with traditions that create meaningful links between past, present and future. While you are probably familiar with some of these traditions, such as the breaking of the glass, you might wonder what the ketubah is? Or what exactly is a chuppah?

The Chuppah
The ceremony takes place under a chuppah, this canopy is representative of the home that the couple will create together. It also represents the presence of God. The chuppah is supported by four poles and is often decorated with florals.

The Ketubah
The ketubah is a marriage contract signed by both the bride and the groom. This document is usually framed and then displayed within the couple’s home.

The Kiddushin
The Kiddushin is the ceremony, which begins with a blessing over wine and then the bride and groom each take a sip. Next, the bride and groom exchange rings. The difference in this tradition is the groom puts a ring on the bride’s right index finger (this finger is said to be directly connected to the heart) In a double-ring ceremony, the bride then puts a ring on the groom’s right index finger and then the ketubah is then read aloud.

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