28 Jul 2010

Stylish Seating

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stylish seating

Take your Breakers Palm Beach wedding reception or cocktail hour to a whole new level by creating draped off “club” areas with sleek, modern seating and cocktail tables. This luxurious extra element is a great way for you and your guests to sit, chat and relax in style!

Photo Credits: (Left) Matt Horton/Artist Group Photography

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20 Jul 2010

bouquet 1

bouquet 2_new

bouquet 3_new

When it comes to walking down the aisle – make a bold statement with your bouquet. Add a burst of color to a white bouquet by adding bright florals, such as cymbidium orchids (perfect for a tropical South Florida wedding)! Include a personal touch by incorporating charms, keepsakes, and jewelry that has sentimental meaning to you.

Photo Credits: Top Jeff Kolodny Photography; Middle (left) Nancy Cohn Photography; Middle (right) Jeff Kolodny Photography; Bottom (left) Jeff Kolodny Photography; Bottom (right) Munoz Photography

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14 Jul 2010

gold 2
Gold is a sign of prosperity, elegance and opulence. By incorporating this metallic shade into your South Florida wedding, you will surely add sparkle to your special day.

Host your ceremony in the The Breakers’ majestic Gold Room, the perfect setting for your gold celebration. Combined with soft ivory or cream, your Breakers Palm Beach wedding will evoke feelings of prestige and splendor amongst your guests!

Photo Credits: (Top) Donna Newman Photography, (Bottom Left) Matt Horton/Artist Group Photography, (Bottom Right) Nancy Cohn Photography

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