If you’re looking for something to help make your reception more memorable, we’ve got a trick to share – add a specialty cocktail to your menu.

Try a delicious, eclectic favorite from The Breakers’ signature cocktail series: La Poire Peartini.


Can’t wait for the big day? Try the recipe at home!

What you’ll need:
• 2 oz. Grey Goose La Poire Vodka
• ¾ oz. Disaronno Amaretto
• ½ oz. Simple Syrup
• ½ oz. fresh Lemon Juice
• Pear slice(s) for garnish

How to:
• In a large shaker with ice, combine the liquid ingredients
• Shake vigorously and strain into a chilled martini glass
• Garnish with a pear slice
• Serve with a smile!

Share your creation: If you make the Peartini at home – or use any of our Something To Sip On recipes – please take a photo and upload it to our Facebook page!

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Great news: Today is National Margarita Day! To celebrate such a splendous holiday, The Breakers is serving up specialty margaritas in all of our restaurants and bars. Stop by tonight for a yummy treat!

National Margarita Day

In case you get thirsty at home this weekend, here is the recipe for one of our specialty margaritas — the Ultra Premium, better known as the Reserva de la Familia Grande Oro Margarita.

What you’ll need:
• 2 oz. Jose Cuervo Reserva de la Familia Anejo Tequila
• 1 oz. Cointreau
• 1 oz. Fresh squeezed lime juice (1 lime)
• 1 oz. Fresh squeezed lemon juice (1 lemon)
• 1 oz. Fresh squeezed orange juice (1/2 orange)
• 1 oz. Agave Nectar
• 1/2 oz. Grand Marnier

How to:
• Step 1: In a large cocktail shaker with ice, combine tequila, Cointreau, juices, and agave nectar.
• Step 2: Shake vigorously.
• Step 3: Serve up in a chilled martini glass or on the rocks with a salt rimmed glass.
• Step 4: Finish with a Grand Marnier float.
• Step 5: Add a fresh lime wedge to garnish.

Note: This recipe makes one cocktail

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You made it through the ceremony, now it’s time to get the party started. Where are you headed? The cocktail hour, of course. The Breakers recently added a fun item to cocktail hour: A tequila bar!

The Breakers tequila bar
The tequila bar: The Breakers has a selection of more than 20 different specialty tequilas for you to choose from. Our collection also includes premium, aged and small batch tequila — some you can’t even buy in the liquor store. Not a tequila fan? Don’t fret. If you can dream it, The Breakers can make it happen.

A special alcoholic (or non alcoholic) bar like The Breakers tequila bar can bring pizzazz and excitement, especially if your wedding theme is incorporated into the cocktail hour.

Other fun ideas:

  • Rename a classic cocktail: Take the Sex on the Beach drink and put your own spin on it. Love Mojitos? Why not name it after yourself. Hey, it is your special day after all.
  • Serve something exotic: Choose a drink your guests don’t often see. This can be a homemade recipe or a fancy drink you used to sip on special occasions. Adding a fun garnish and some fruit can also light up cocktail hour.
  • Be sentimental: Offer your guests a drink that means something to you. Maybe it’s what you drank on your first date or the night you got engaged. For some couples, just sharing their favorite drink is memorable and exciting.

  • How would you make cocktail hour special? Share your ideas with us!

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