Planning a destination wedding may seem like hard work, but creative and innovative Michelle Rago gave Wedding Blog by The Breakers some great tips on how to make planning a destination wedding easy-peasy!
Michelle’s tips:
“When planning a destination wedding my strongest advice is to always have a backup plan. This might seem like common sense but most couples are so married to one vision they often don’t create a back up plan for fear it will be a self-fulfilling prophecy.
Pick an alternate place for the ceremony and cocktails if they are outdoors in case of inclement weather. Have the language in place should you have to communicate a change in venue at the last minute. Having a back up plan will give you a much greater sense of security so you can relax and enjoy all your hard work!”
It’s as simple as that ladies, just take it from the expert. Relax, take a deep breath and enjoy your big day!

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Google has just launched their brand new wedding templates! These simple and user-friendly templates are ideal for helping you get organized for your wedding day (and because they are always online – you can access them from anywhere!). From keeping track of your guest list and seating chart, to choosing a venue, these templates will allow all of you bride-to-be’s to stay on top of your planning.

The best part about these little lifesavers? Style Me Pretty has teamed up with Google to include some invaluable advice from some of the greatest experts in the wedding industry on these templates. The Breakers’ very own Director of Catering and Banquet Operations (and Wedding Blog by The Breakers expert!), Joan Bever, has been asked to join in on the fun! Check out the venue doc where Joan features some phenomenal tips on working with your venue.

Get started now and let Goggle’s simplicity, simplify your wedding planning!

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google docs

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Working on your bridal registry, but not quite sure where to start? Our Master Sommelier and Wine Director, Virginia Philip is here to help Wedding Blog by The Breakers readers!

Virgina says, “Bridal Registries can be mind- boggling and selecting appropriate glassware can be even more challenging! When registering for your glassware, keep in mind who your guests are, and also when and why you may use specific glassware.”

Here she lists three gorgeous styles of glassware, and what each may be used for:

1. Riedel – this is the true wine connoisseur’s glass. It is a must for those who appreciate a great glass of wine. While not as ornate as Waterford, the glass is designed clear so that the color nuances can be seen, the optimal aroma can be achieved when smelling the wine. The shape of the glass is well thought out to enhance the taste profile.

Price point for the Vinum Collection: $18-$30 per stem and come in several different “Grape Varietal Designated” shapes.

2. Tiffany – these glasses are very simple yet elegant. They can be used for everyday drinking, as well as more formal affairs. While the shape in not specifically designed for specific glassware, the glass is designed for red versus white wines.

Price point: $15 and up, per stem.

3. Waterford – for the elegant dinner table, these glasses are a must. Usually the entire line of glassware is requested such as water, wine, champagne, bar etc… Perfect for the holidays and impressionable to guests, they should not be used for wine tasting style dinners.

Price point: $50 per stem and up, per stem.

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So many gowns, so little time! What’s a girl to do? Wedding Blog by The Breakers asked the same question! Lucky for us (and more importantly, YOU!) Kleinfeld Owner and President, Mara Urshel told us just what to do when shopping for the perfect dress.


1) Research– Start looking for gowns in magazines and websites and bring the photos to your appointment, it will give your bridal consultant a general idea of the kind of dress you like: traditional, straight, empire, princess ball gown, etc.

2) Plan– Make sure you have enough time…it can take 6-12 months to order a designer bridal gown. “It will take anywhere from nine months to 12 months to order your dress,” says Urshel. “Sometimes six months is OK, but in that case you will be limiting some of the dresses that can be available to you.”

3) Budget – Know your budget… A lot people forget that they have to pay for alterations, a headpiece, a veil, undergarments. There are a lot of extras and sometimes those extras can add up to more than the gown.

4) Who to bring – Do not bring an army of friends and relatives to your bridal gown appointment. Bring along one or two trusted partners – your mom, a close friend, etc. – for a second opinion. Make sure you bring people you can trust and that you select a dress that works for you – not for them.

5) Open Mind – Keep an open mind, listen to the consultant, and try on gowns she suggests. Gowns don’t always look as good on the hanger as they do on the body. Try on as many styles as you can. “Do it; try everything. This is your chance to try on all the dresses in the world and any salon should take the time to work with you to make sure you are happy.”

6) What to wear – Wear appropriate undergarments, you will be undressing in front of a sales consultant you never met before. You may also want to wear a strapless bra or the salon may have samples for you to use.

7) Trust your instincts – You’ll know it’s “the one.” If you have to be reassured that the gown looks great on you, it’s probably not “the one.” Is this how you pictured yourself looking as a bride? Does the gown suit your personality? Are you comfortable enough in it to enjoy your wedding day?

Dresses: Perla D by Pnina Tornai for Kleinfeld Kollection (left), Alita Graham for Kleinfeld Kollection (middle) Perla D by Pnina Tornai for Kleinfeld Kollection (right)

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