When it comes to writing your own wedding vows, what matters most is that it comes from the heart.

Huffington Post Weddings shared a great article with advice for writing “vows your spouse will absolutely love.” We just had to share…

Wedding Vow 101: Writing Vows From The Heart

Of the nine refreshing tips Huff Post shared, our favorite advice: Create a framework.

Before you start writing, sit down with your fiance at least six weeks before your wedding and establish a framework or outline template for your vows. Items to consider:

  • Tone – Heartfelt yet funny? Serious and romantic?
  • Length – 150-200 words? 1-2 minutes?
  • What types of things you want to say – Memories from your relationship? Your “how we met” story? Promises for the future?
  • How you’ll close your vows – You may both want to say the same thing,  for example, “I’ll love you forever,” “I’m so glad you picked me” etc.,  or surprise each other with a unique closing line

{Read more: See the full article and all nine tips here.}

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The most magical wedding day is a flurry of excitement and nerves — and the best advice is remember to slow down and take it all in.

5 Wedding Day Must-Do's for the Bride

{Photo by Chris Joriann Photography}

Our friends at BRIDES magazine recently shared some great advice and a few must do’s that we just had to pass along…

  • Take Time for Yourself —
    You are surrounded by all of your loved ones — best friends, family and guests — don’t forget to take a little “me” time if you need it. Review your vows, glance at yourself in all your wedding day glory or sneak a peek at your ceremony or reception decor.
  • Breathe —
    Feeling over excited or nervous? Take a minute and a few deep breaths… a breather helps you reset a new level of calm.
  • Take a Snack Break —
    From getting ready to heading down the aisle, you need your energy. Place your maid of honor on snack duty so you remember to eat periodically throughout the day.
  • Remember What the Day is About —
    In the midst of dancing, dining and drinking, it can be incredibly simple to forget that your wedding day is about your marriage and partnership with your husband.
  • Appreciate the Moment —
    A stolen kiss, a sweet smile and a touching tear. Remember to appreciate all the special moments, especially your walk down the aisle, wedding vows, first dance and cake cutting. Take a minute to relish the details of your wedding that make it truly special and oh-so-you!

 Enjoy more tips from BRIDES.

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Prepping for the honored tradition of a wedding toast? Our team knows it’s not always as easy as it looks – and we are here to help. We’ve shared some toasting advice in the past – traditional and fun toasts you can easily personalize – now, we’re offering some etiquette advice…

Wedding Toast Advice
{Photo by Chris Joriann Photography}

Anna Post, the great-great-granddaughter of the famed Emily Post, shared her thoughts on the etiquette of toasting in her column in Inside Weddings magazine.

Her best advice is to prepare: “Be sincere, and unless you’re a stand-up comedian or a politician, don’t try to wing it.”

Anna says the most important part of toasting is giving the appropriate toast at the right event – the engagement party, the rehearsal dinner and the wedding dinner.

The Engagement Party
Anna says it’s proper for the father of the bride to welcome guests and make the first toast of the evening. It’s also a plus if the father of the groom can give one himself later in the evening. It’s common for the bride and groom-to-be to also raise a glass at the end of the night to thank their friends and family for attending.

The Rehearsal Dinner
The host of the dinner, usually the groom’s parents, is normally the one to speak first. Since you do not want to bog down your wedding night with toasts, the rehearsal dinner is the perfect setting for family members and friends – other than the maid of honor and best man – to speak. As Anna says, this is also a time when longer toasts and stories are welcome.

The Wedding Dinner
After a welcome, traditionally from the bride’s parents, the best man gives the first toast. Then, the maid or matron of honor gives a companion toast. Anna says these two are the most formal of all toasts and should be kept brief; a great speech should not take longer than a few minutes and can be effective in only a few lines. Keep in mind that it matters most what you say – not when or how – and you can never go wrong with short and sweet.

Anna’s top tips for making your toast a “shining success” …
• Skip pointless stores about the couple’s childhoods – anecdotes are okay, just keep them relevant to the occasion.
• Be sure not to talk about yourself instead of the couple; this is the time to check your ego at the door.
• Keep mum about any past problems the couple may have had, and never reference any of their old flames.


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Newly engaged and starting your wedding plans? We know it can seem overwhelming at first, but we’re here to help!

We’d like to share three simple tips from The Breakers’ Weddings & Celebrations Team on how to approach your big day…

Wedding Planning 101: Expert Advice from The Breakers
{Photos by Donna Newman Photography}

The Venue: A wedding becomes truly remarkable when your tastes and styles are represented in all the little details. It starts with the room and the emotional connection.

Explore our Event Showcase — With so many unique indoor and outdoor locations, our brides and grooms first select a space they love that suits them best.

Wedding Planning 101: Expert Advice from The Breakers

The Food: The creation of a sensational menu is a wonderful way for you to share your favorite tastes and flavors with your guests – including a dish you ate on your first date, the cocktail you were sipping when he proposed or even something special you cook at home together.

Meet our Cake Shop — The cake is another easy and spectacular way to personalize your event by selecting the flavor, colors and overall design of a tiered masterpiece.

Wedding Planning 101: Expert Advice from The Breakers
The Design: With décor and lighting, the design can transform the space with colors and visuals that make your guests say: “Oh, wow, this is so them.”

Peek inside our Design Studio — Each and every detail throughout the wedding planning process can be personalized to showcase what is most important to the couple of honor (that’s you!).

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