Beach Weddings

Grandiose and incomprehensible in their greatness are those forces which impel the lovers to the great deeds, to the confrontation of unexpected dangers, and, most importantly, to the wedding. What is a wedding? Empirical observers contend that scarcely in anything else the human thoughtlessness more often lurks in such a horrific extent than in the marital unions. Mundane and reasonable cynics declare that wedding is nothing else than a voluntary servitude that deprives the spouses of will and freedom, encloses them in a cage of their own vows. They are confident of the theory that marriage is a community consisting of master, mistress and two slaves, a total of two people. The ones poor in spirit have no doubt that in such a significant event, like a wedding, the human weakness and inferiority are fully manifested. Two humans standing at the altar in elegant clothing as though loudly proclaim that are unsure of their own abilities and their own will and greedily crave extraneous approval. And only lovers know that the wedding is an eternal oath, a holy sacrament, a ceaseless damnation and a heavenly blessing.

Bride on the seaside

One has to be an irresponsible fool or an insensitive embittered cynic on order to not to dream about a beautiful wedding. We, The Breakers Palm Beach, offer you an inimitable, spectacular opportunity of making your wedding day to be the enchanting start of a better cheerful life, in spite of all the doubts and concerns. We have created an admirable program, designed gorgeous projects of beach themed weddings and assembled a highly skilled team of specialists to work on the weddings arrangement. Our policies is rather simple – we are pleased perform whatever wish of our guest-lovers and create for them a beautiful fairytale in the paradise, which they will dream of for a lifetime.

wedding on the beach

We ensure our guests with unconditional comfort and impeccable service that will satisfy the most discerning guests. Our caring and participative team of 1,800 people with their own hands will construct for you precisely that thrilling wedding that you dreamed of once. A one-of-a-kind oceanfront resort, The Breakers Palm Beach is one of America’s premier destinations for magnificent beach weddings and celebrations not simply due to the flawless service and ultimate care. The reason for this stems from the fact that we do not simply execute the customer’s requirements, but we fundamentally exceed them. We are able of offering much more than the client is able of imagining. From romantic bungalows in oceanfront settings and lush gardens for beach themed weddings, which will be comfortable only for the honeymooners and a priest, to luxurious magnificent ballrooms, where we can accommodate sumptuous ceremonies for 25 to 800 guests.

But the most exceptional part of our wedding arrangement proposal for our beloved customers is our undivided disposal of the ocean – a beach wedding. Amazing, endless, mesmerizing water collected within itself the image of heaven, time and eternity, of life. A unique and sophisticated attribute not only for a wedding, but also for the soul. With great love and exquisite professionalism we will organize your perfect wedding on the beach. Your joy will shine in the light of the tropical sun and play highlights on blue waves. Your union will be accomplished by ocean winds and boundless expanse. Your journey in this life of love will begin by the ocean. The ocean is in itself a symbol of eternity, indestructibility, harmony and tranquility. Is it not a symbolic place for the conclusion of marriage?

Beach wedding

Though these are all just beautiful words. What is in fact the intrinsic value of our proposal of a beach wedding? In addition to the symbolism and magic beauty the moment there are denoted several key advantages. For example, despite the fact that the event itself and its organization will certainly cost some decent money, spending will not be as extensive as it might seem at first. Essentially, you pay us for the creation of a fairytale on the beach for you, and no longer have to worry about anything. Decorations, photographers, menu, bar, accommodation, entertainment and all other organizational issues – all are included in our direct responsibility. You will be obliged only to choose the color of orchids, which will suit the dress the bride. Individually about the dresses and costumes on a beach wedding. Of course, they will not be required at all, because the beach is no need for multilayer lace, high heels and starched white shirts. Our immense experience in weddings by the ocean shore or beach themed weddings determines the holding of your ceremony under the higher category in all respects. At the bar will work certified baristas, skill level of which affects even us. The preparation of the menu and the banquet will be taken care of by experienced chefs, masters of world cuisine. Decoration will be engaged by eminent interior designers with exquisite taste, which are capable implementing whatever daring fantasy. In the section of our website “Real Wedding” you can view the photos from the beach weddings that we were fortunate to organize lately. Personally you can make sure that the island sceneries are amazing, and our team is genuinely able to create a fairytale. We look forward to your orders and any questions about beach weddings.

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