They say the creation of the original banana split dessert dates back to 1904… Today, we give thanks to that soda shop owner from Pennsylvania and raise a spoon to the celebrated sundae!

A fun take on the classic treat—and a timeless wedding favorite—meet The Breakers’ “Retro” Banana Split…

The Breakers Retro Banana Split

{Photo by Jeff Kolodny Photography}

Our split features Häagen Dazs Strawberry, Chocolate, and Vanilla Ice Cream, Chocolate Dipped Bananas and Gooey Macadamias. It’s served with Bailey’s Whipped Double Cream and Caramel Rum and Fudge sauces—plus, the toppings, of course.

The Breakers Retro Banana Split

{Photo by Dennis Kwan Photography}

…and, there are topping options! Each dessert features three Fluted Chocolate Cups with M&M’s, Toffee Bits, Mini Marshmallows, Candied Nuts or Sprinkles.

The perfect compliment to any wedding cake, our Retro Banana Split is the perfect sweet treat to add to your wedding menu.

Happy Banana Split Day! 

Today, dessert is a must. If you’re ready to indulge tonight, we’re serving traditional and non-traditional Banana Split desserts throughout our restaurants. It’s hard to pick a favorite but Flagler Steakhouse’s split is pretty divine: Coconut dipped tempura banana with double fudge chocolate, slow churned vanilla ice cream, strawberries and whipped cream.

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  1. Kimble Photography Aug 30, 2017 / 10:25 pm

    Wedding deserts are my favorite! All the scrumptious delectables are so creative and beautiful it makes me feel bad to eat them sometimes because it took so much time to make. miniature key lime pies are kind of amazing!

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