With every New Year – and new wedding season! – our team is excited to see new fabulous trends evolving for wedding décor, food and fashion. Here’s a peek at what we expect for 2015…

All About lighting

We see lighting playing a significant role in the design of every incredible wedding and event in 2015 as it truly brings the entire celebration to a new level. Lighting helps set the tone for the evening – it illuminates the venue, makes the bride and groom shine and your décor sparkle.

Trend Setting: Fun Trends for 2015 Weddings - Lighting
{Photo by Alain Martinez}

 Fun Freshness

Another trend we’re happy to see expand this year is more of an organic approach to both décor and food. For décor, we are excited to see more requests for a natural, garden feeling with variations of greens and freshness. We expect more simplistic, natural bouquets and brides wearing flowers in their hair. For dinner, we are featuring more menu items that were grown at local pesticide-free farms or ingredients grown in our own Organic Herb and Vegetable Garden, as well as requests for more vegan and vegetarian menu selections.

 Trend Setting: Fun Trends for 2015 Weddings - Freshness
{Photo by Braedon Flynn Photography}

Fab Fashion

For the bride, we expect the new trend of non-traditional wedding dresses to explode. Colored dresses in a unique hue (we love Vera Wang’s pink and red and Oscar de La Renta’s blue gowns), fun shapes and personalized pieces like a bedazzled headpiece or jeweled back.

Trend Setting: Fun Trends for 2015 Weddings - The Dress

 {Photo by KT Merry Photography}

Trend Watch: What trends are you most excited for this year?

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