The making of a momentous event starts with the selection of a single flower… and no team knows that better than The Design Studio at The Breakers. From the simplest to the most extravagant, our in-house design and décor team can create it for you.

With more than 35 team members working behind the scenes, The Design Studio is a passionate group of talented and super creative individuals who love to collaborate and inspire. Meet our Design Studio Sales Managers…

The Breakers’ in-house Design Studio Sales Team

The Breakers’ in-house Design Studio Sales Team:
(from Left) Aime Dunstan, Robert J. Peczka Jr. and Jennifer Herrera

Our full-service team promises if you can dream it, The Design Studio at can create it. Or better yet, let the team dream it up for you. Enjoy an inside look at their design vision…

>Where do you find your inspiration?

Aime Dunstan: “Little details often inspire big ideas, so my eyes are always open. Whether I’m driving slowly by a tightly manicured tier of Palm Beach hedgerows that contrasts in color and texture, or noticing the way sunlight shines through a historic pane of glass. I think there is something to be absorbed from every visual experience. Social media brings lots of inspiration as well, as it offers the opportunity for worldwide collaboration among creative individuals.”

Robert J. Peczka Jr: “My inspiration comes from many sources, for example; Fashion editorials, Visual merchandising, New York City, trees, flowers, nature, my clients…”

Jennifer Herrera: “People inspire me. I am very much a people person and in meeting brides, grooms, and their loved ones it’s important for me to hear their vision to be able to express it to their guests through decor. I work with an amazing team who inspire me every day. Each day is an inspiration, there just isn’t enough time to share it all.”

Decor by The Breakers’ in-house Design Studio

{Photo by Matt Horton/Artist Group}

>Hottest new décor trend?

Aime: “I love that pattern is making a comeback. From graphic fretwork to chintz, it lends great personality to a space.”

Robert: “Gold is back! Expect to see wonderful shades of violet, grape, plum and heliotrope up-coming for fall 2015. Also mixed metals… be daring and mix the right shades of gold and silver.”

Jennifer: “Color – I love pops of color in the right places, it really makes a statement. A fuchsia chuppah, dramatic ombre florals or an all-white wedding where the room lighting dramatically changes. I love rich colors.”

Decor by The Breakers’ in-house Design Studio

>The first thing you consider when you start to plan an event’s decor?

Aime: “The first consideration is tied directly to the host: What does he or she hope to achieve visually for his or her guests, and how can I help realize that vision? What is the priority in terms of design? Is it one show stopping display, or an overall aesthetic that’s truly unique? After that determination, I work to ensure each element communicates with the next in a sequence that reveals that priority in just the right light at just the right time. And I let it sing.”

Robert: “The first thing that I consider when I start to plan the decor for an event is my client’s vision.  I want to get to know my clients taste, expectations and design goals. I am here to help you design your dream event, and I want to deliver!”

Jennifer: “There are so many elements to take into consideration, it’s all a perfect storm of creation. Once I have the client’s vision in mind, I go directly to what is available at the time of the event and at its peak of gorgeousness. I love when I show a bride a flower or shade of a flower that she never thought of and see it hit her… ‘That’s it, that’s my wedding.’”

Decor by The Breakers’ in-house Design Studio
{Photo by Chris Joriann Photography}

>What is the number one piece of advice you would give a bride?

Aime: “Your wedding day is the start of your new life with the most important person in your life. Savor every moment with each other and those who mean the most in your lives. Leave the details to us.”

Robert: “The number one piece of advice that I would give a bride is to always stay true to yourself and the vision that you have always imagined for your special day.”

Jennifer: “Stop and smell the roses. (Especially my favorite, the O’Hara garden rose!) All of our planning and hard work is going to lead up to one of the most important and wonderful times in your life – enjoy it. You are here at The Breakers and we are here to make sure it’s perfect.”


Our full-service team promises if you can dream it, The Design Studio at The Breakers can create it.
Or better yet, let the team dream it up for you…

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