When Elyssa and Tom set out to find a dream locale for their wedding celebration, the couple wanted a venue that offered the feeling of elegance with a very personal, down to Earth staff. Elyssa says they found everything they dreamed of and so much more at The Breakers…

Real Wedding: Elyssa & Tom

“We had both never been to The Breakers and when we arrived, the appearance alone took our breath away,” Elyssa says. “When we walked through the doors we felt like royalty and loved all the beautiful details and amenities. We knew it would be the perfect setting for our wedding weekend and that all of our guests would have the same ‘wow’ reaction we had.”

Take a look inside their special wedding weekend with images courtesy of Maggie Stolzberg Photography

Real Wedding: Elyssa & Tom

Real Wedding: Elyssa & Tom
Real Wedding: Elyssa & Tom
Real Wedding: Elyssa & Tom

“The Breakers staff, especially our Event Sales Manager Katie Gillespie, made our experience even more amazing. I found myself calling or texting Katie to share exciting news because she was a friend, not just a coordinator,” Elyssa recalls. “Our great first impression hooked us in, but the treatment we received from beginning to end really separates The Breakers apart; we would choose to do it all over again!”

Real Wedding: Elyssa & Tom
Real Wedding: Elyssa & Tom
Real Wedding: Elyssa & Tom
“One of our favorite memories was right before we went into cocktail hour. We were nervous about doing our choreographed first dance, so Katie escorted us into The Circle where the band was ready to do a run-through,” Elyssa says. “Our family and friends came long distances to share in our celebration, but in that moment Tom and I were able to have the whole room to ourselves. This truly was special as it allowed us to reflect on all the amazing facets that came together to make our wedding a dream come true.”

Real Wedding: Elyssa & Tom
Real Wedding: Elyssa & Tom
Real Wedding: Elyssa & Tom
Congratulations, Elyssa & Tom!

Wedding Venue & Catering: The Breakers, Katie Gillespie / Décor & Design: The Design Studio at The Breakers, Jennifer Herrera / Welcome Dinner: The Beach Club / Ceremony: St. Ann Catholic Church / Reception: Mediterranean Courtyard / Dinner: The Circle / Brunch: Ocean Terrace / Cake: The Breakers Cake Shop / Photography: Maggie Stolzberg Photography / Videography: Seaglass Studios, Dorian Iribarren / Entertainment: Music Works, Headliners

  1. Maggie Stolzberg Aug 18, 2014 / 07:27 pm

    Wow! The Breakers always goes above and beyond for thier couples! Thank you for highlighting the most important elements of the wedding and party!

  2. Kelly Fowler Aug 18, 2014 / 08:22 pm

    Maggie is the best! She truly captured this couple’s spirit and essence and these photos truly show how beautiful their love is!

  3. Lindsey Aug 19, 2014 / 12:40 am

    Stunning!!! Maggie NEVER DISAPPOINTS!!! She took our wedding photos over 3 years ago and I still follow all of photography. She’s so gifted and the nicest person you’ll ever meet!

  4. Randy Borges Aug 19, 2014 / 05:55 am

    Outstanding work Maggie!!! Amazing as always!

  5. Dorian Aug 19, 2014 / 03:27 pm

    Such a beautiful wedding and stunning images. The Breakers team does it again! Always going above and beyond.

  6. ALLISON CARENZA Aug 19, 2014 / 03:55 pm

    This collection of photos shows the beauty of the location and the love of the couple so perfectly! I can tell this artist is very talented, and obviously has a passion for her work.

  7. Gloria Aug 19, 2014 / 05:37 pm

    Stunning photos!

  8. wow!!! The size of that CAKE!!! Elyssa’s dress if beautiful!

  9. Christine Conlon Aug 23, 2014 / 05:02 pm

    Maggie has the gift to capture the most beautiful photographs of her brides. Knowing her work, she creates the treasures for a lifetime.

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