What bride can pass up the opportunity to honor her groom with a fun and delicious treat? Traditionally served at the Welcome Party or Rehearsal Dinner the night before the wedding, the groom’s cake is usually designed with the groom’s personality, hobbies, sports or occupation in mind…

The Groom’s Cake: Should You Have One?

Here are our five reasons why you should get your groom a cake…

1) Perfect Surprise For Your Groom! – It’s hard to keep anything a secret from your fiancé during the wedding planning process — but the groom’s cake is easy to keep under wraps with the help of your Breakers Catering Manager!

2) Great Way To Honor the Groom – Gifting your groom a custom cake gives you an opportunity to tailor something to his tastes specifically, all while showcasing his personality.

The Groom’s Cake: Should You Have One?

{Above Doctor & iPhone cake photos by Jeff Kolodny;  Boat and Gators cake photos by Donna Newman}

3) Kick Off the Festivities Honor your groom the night before the wedding and serve him (and your guests!) a fun groom’s cake during the Welcome Party or Rehearsal Dinner. This “sweet” pre-wedding gift will also set the tone for your special day.

4) More Cake! – The Breakers Cake Shop will design you a custom cake that both looks and tastes amazing! Giving you a chance to try a different – and delicious – cake and flavor combination than what you selected for your wedding cake.

5) Capture the Moment – The groom’s cake adds a very special touch to your wedding weekend that your groom — and guests — will enjoy and remember.

Will you gift your groom his own cake? Tell us your dream groom’s cake creation!

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  1. Genie Conroy Mar 07, 2017 / 10:30 pm

    My son is feeling left out of the wedding planning. I figured we would get him a Groom’s cake for the rehearsal dinner.
    His ideal cake would be of his belived Indianapolis Colts!!! Are you up to the challenge?

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