The perfect mixture of fruity sophistication, this is one yummy tea with a kick. A great addition to your reception menu, this specialty cocktail will please the guys and the girls at your wedding!

Apple-Spiced Bourbon Tea{Photo Credit: Elan ArtistsScott Clark Photo and Chellise Michael Photography}

Mix up the Apple-Spiced Bourbon Tea at home…

What you’ll need:
1 1/2 oz Evan Williams Bourbon
1 oz Spiced Cider (chilled)
1 oz Noble Organic Clementine Juice
3 oz Unsweetened Ice Tea

How to:
Combine ingredients in a Hi-Ball glass with ice and garnished with a fresh mint sprig.

{Share your creation: If you make an Apple-Spiced Bourbon Tea at home – or use any of our Something To Sip On
recipes – please take a photo and upload it to our Facebook page!}

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