04 Jan 2013

It’s a new year full of creativity, inspiration and wedding excitement. As new wedding trends emerge, we’ll be ready… for now, take a peek at our predications for the year!

All About Color

We just love seeing a bride who makes a bold statement with a colored gown. Oscar de la Renta has some amazing two-tone dresses incorporating blue and even red in his new 2013 collection. Vera Wang’s new spring collection is an array of bright red hues!

2013 Wedding Trends

Even Hollywood is joining the colorful trend – following in the footsteps of Anne Hathaway (pink details) and Amber Tamblyn (yellow gown), Jessica Biel wore a pink and white Giambattista Valli dress during her recent nuptials to Justin Timberlake.

Foodie Love

As far as food, the presentation of the dish is now just as important as it’s taste. It is not enough to simply have fabulous food; it also needs to look amazing.

2013 Wedding Trends

Our team enjoys serving all of our dishes in different, colorful and fun vessels – each unique to the food being presented.

Eye-Popping Cakes

When it comes to the wedding cake, our couples are taking chances and having fun. Make a statement with a bedazzled cake, gold and silver elements or by experimenting with difference shaped layers.

2013 Wedding Trends

On the inside, our pasty team is receiving more requests for sprinkled funfetti, red velvet and chocolate chip-flavored cakes!

Fun with Decor

On the décor side, the reception does not have to look like a wedding…

2013 Wedding Trends

Couples are still honoring tradition, but adding a twist by using fun, bright colors and personalized elements to the décor.

Feel the Beat

Music-wise, it is all about customization. Many of our couples are straying from the traditional quartet and customizing their ceremony music to fit their unique style and tastes.

2013 Wedding Trends

We have also seen several brides and grooms honoring tradition in new ways, such as writing their own special poem to be read during the ceremony, or walking down the aisle to the same song the bride’s parents shared during their first dance.

Sip It!

We are excited to see a new trend emerging for wedding cocktails. Our couples no longer request just one signature drink, but a unique cocktail selection for each course.

2013 Wedding Trends

We are also ordering wines from many different parts of the world and are excited to see wines from Chili, New Zealand and Australia become quite popular.

Going Green

Being environmentally conscious is (thankfully) nothing new – but after Pantone announced Emerald as the 2013 Color of the Year, we’re ready to honor the enchanting hue.

2013 Wedding Trends

We’ve also heard talks of the color mint being a bit hit this year… either way, green is always a favorite of our team as it blends so nicely with the turquoise ocean and the bright blue sky!

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