If you’ve spent an evening at Echo, you know how delicious their menu is. Known for resounding Asian cuisine, creative cocktails and sensational sushi, Echo is one of our team’s favorite restaurants.

Luckily for you, you could win dinner for two by entering their Facebook contest!

Win Dinner For Two At Echo Palm Beach!

So next time you’re at Echo for dinner or sipping a delicious specialty cocktail at the Dragonfly Lounge, be sure to grab some chopsticks, whip out your smartphone and take a great picture! Just be sure to upload your photo to Facebook and get your friends to ‘Like’ it before January 15.

Good luck – we’re excited to see all the fun photos!

More holiday fun: Echo is offering 10 percent off when you order Echo To Go online during the month of December!

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Whether you’ve been naughty or nice, you deserve a cocktail. If you’re celebrating your nuptials this winter, we think the Christmas Colada would have a fabulous specialty cocktail.

Christmas Colada

Order the Christmas Colada at The Breakers’ Tapestry Bar, or whip one up at home.

What you’ll need:
2 oz Hypnotic Liqueur
Pineapple Juice

How to:
Shake well and strain into a martini glass. Rim glass with honey and dip into shaved coconut.

Share your creation: If you make The Breakers’ Christmas Colada – or use any of our Something To Sip On recipes – please take a photo and upload it to our Facebook page!

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Two decades ago, Ed Libby started a floral company in his home. Today, Ed Libby & Co. are a bi-coastal award-winning floral and event design business with offices in New York and Los Angeles, and projects across the country and around the world.

Ed Libby

“We have been lucky enough to work with some amazing celebrity clients on some very special weddings and other social events,” says Ed. “But really, at the end of the day, it’s all about creating a beautiful environment – which is something I have never fallen out of love with.”

Q: What is it like planning an event at The Breakers?
A: Planning an event at The Breakers is a treat for my staff and me. The venue is classic, the event coordinators are amazingly detailed and extraordinarily helpful and the food and presentation is beyond. Anytime a client calls for an event at The Breakers, we immediately know we are in for a spectacular experience.

Q: What hot new trend do you see emerging for winter weddings? How about 2012?
A: I am really enjoying a new aesthetic we have dubbed “Organic Elegance” – chic neutral tones offset with a brilliant metallic gold woven into natural linens such as hemp, jute and muslin – absolutely stunning and sophisticated. Clients are also putting more of an emphasis on merging food and decor by creating lavish tasting menus that incorporate stunning place settings and interactive serving pieces and tabletops; each course can be visually different with a fresh and innovative presentation.

For 2012, I see more of a return to various “Courses of Entertainment,” where different smaller acts – musical or otherwise – will be incorporated into the evenings’ entertainment, creating a truly memorable evening for guests.

Q: What is the most important reason your clients cite for choosing The Breakers?
A: The Breakers offers unparalleled service and flawless execution at a venue that has endless possibilities for entertaining. What could be better?!

Enjoy a few of Ed’s favorite images from his events at The Breakers…

Ed Libby
Photo by Terry Gruber

Q: Give us three of your favorite weddings must-dos.
A: It’s very important to me to engage all five senses when designing an environment; the linens should be delightful to the touch, the florals pleasantly fragrant, the sound of a fountain in the distance and the decor visually stunning. That is the difference between a pretty room and a beautiful environment.

Scale is also very important, especially when you are dealing with grand spaces such as The Breakers – its imperative that the decor fits the space. I always make a point of designing pieces that exceed 6′ in height, as anything shorter completely evaporates once a room is filed with guests.

Another must-do is changing up the mood to stimulate momentum – change up the color scheme from ceremony to cocktails to dinner to enhance the ambiance. Once you’re in the ballroom for dancing, use various lighting schemes to keep an ever-evolving environment fresh or to highlight the evenings’ entertainment in new and interesting ways.

Ed Libby
Photo by Terry Gruber

Q: Where does your inspiration come from?
A: My inspiration comes form life – weather it’s a trip to an exotic location, a new restaurant, a gallery or the runway; my creativity is sparked by seeing new and different things, and comes to life when I meet a client. I pride myself on really listening to a client, and then taking their vision and making it a reality.

Ed Libby
Photo by John Salano

Q: How does The Breakers history and architecture inspire you and your events at the hotel?
A: The Breakers is a breathtaking venue with many personalities where, depending on the event, you can be on a beautifully manicured lawn overlooking the ocean, in a grand gilded ballroom or even a majestic courtyard; it’s such a treat to be able to create with these many facets at hand. On a recent event we brought a modern twist to the Gold Room by installing a brilliant mirrored dance floor (above).

This mirrored floor was fantastic, as it reflected the intricate Old World ceiling, which created this spectacular experience for guests as they were able to “dance on the ceiling” – it was beautiful and stunning and just such a special detail that could only have materialized at The Breakers.

Ed Libby
Photo by Terry Gruber

Q: What’s the most important piece of advice you can offer a bride and groom?
A: I tell clients that they should really enjoy the process of planning their wedding, and to try to make it a personal affair that reflects themselves as a couple. It’s the details – the red velvet wedding cake that is a favorite of the groom or the heirloom handkerchief that is tied around the brides bouquet – that makes the wedding special and brings smiles to the faces of all the guests.

Ed Libby
Photo by Terry Gruber

Q: How does a wedding at The Breakers differ from those at other venues?
A: The Breakers is special because as a venue, there are limitless possibilities at hand – a majestic court yard, an opulent ballroom, a lawn overlooking the beach… and these options are not more than a couple of hundred feet away from one another. Not to mention that there are various off-site venues, such as Echo Palm Beach and The Flagler Stakehouse, where you could host a luncheon or a rehearsal dinner, etc. The Breakers is also perfectly situated to local nightlife and shopping on Worth Avenue, offering additional activities to guests. Or, you don’t have to leave the property at all and just enjoy a day poolside or at the spa.

Ed Libby & Co.
Website | Twitter | Facebook

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    Ed’s work is amazing. Thanks for sharing all of these gorgeous images with us!

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