Have you picked up the October issue of Brides? Our team is excited the oh-so gorgeous Breakers’ bride-to-be Brenna graces the cover of the magazine this month – for the second time this year!

Breakers’ Bride Makes The Cover Of Brides

As a model, Brenna is no stranger to being behind the camera. But one of her favorite photo shoots was way more personal – it was at The Breakers with fiancé Brandon for her engagement photos this summer. See all her favorite shots.

Before that, the beautiful Brenna was also on the cover of the April issue of Brides, and sat down with us to gush about modeling, her Breakers’ destination wedding and her wonderful fiancé Brandon. Read the full Q&A with Brenna.

After posing as a bridal cover model twice, our team has no doubt Brenna will be a stunning bride when she walks down the aisle at The Breakers next summer. We look forward to snapping that photo…

  1. Villa Manuel Oct 03, 2011 / 07:06 am

    No doubt! Brenna is looking gorgeous as bride. there is no match of her.

    Sandra W. Wood

  2. […] Brenna’s smiling face on the cover of BRIDES magazine — twice! (See the April 2011 & October 2011 […]

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Last October The Breakers hosted a special three-day event for wedding industry professionals called engage!10. The luxury wedding business summit attracted the attendance of wedding magazine editors, top celebrity planners, industry photographers and an array of wedding bloggers.

Party Theme: Louis Pop

The summit culminated with a magnificent formal dinner. After three days of innovation and creativity, The Breakers Wedding and Special Events team were challenged to create something truly unique and special for the evening.

The inspiration for the dinner was creating a Louis XIV dinner with a modern twist, calling it “Louis Pop.” The goal of the evening was to inspire the attendees with over-the-top elements, elegant decor and an overall fun experience.

Party Themes: Tradition with a Twist
Enjoy a look back at this spectacular evening and how to recreate the Louis Pop theme in just six steps…

Step one: The Chairs… Louis XIV style on the left, and our modern twist at the right
Party Themes: Tradition with a Twist
Party Themes: Tradition with a Twist

Step two: A Formal Grand Entrance
Party Themes: Tradition with a Twist

Step Three: Timeless Elegance
Party Theme: Louis Pop

Step Four: Exquisite Details
Party Theme: Louis Pop

Step Five: A Sensational Meal
Party Theme: Louis Pop

For entertainment, the guests were serenaded with dueling violins, awed by a high-energy stomp performance and dazzled by break dancers – keeping everyone on their toes throughout the five-hour reception. Which leads us to the last step…

Step Six: Dazzling Entertainment
Party Theme: Louis Pop

It took an entire team effort to create this fabulous party – starting with the Director of Food and Beverage for Catering and Banquet Operations Joan Bever and her team of catering managers, to Executive Chef Jeff Simms and his team for the sensational culinary menu, and Director of Event Services Joy Cudahy and her team for the stunning design elements.

Now you’re ready to turn Louis XIV into Louis Pop!

Photos by Mel Barlow and Mel & Co.

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During the month of September, The Breakers’ Parisian boutique Guerlain sponsored a Facbeook contest where our team asked former brides and brides-to-be to share their proposal stories.

We’d like to send a special thank you to the brides and brides-to-be who entered, and the fans, friends and family who voted for them. We’re so honored you shared your beautiful proposal stories with us, and our readers. (Read all the proposal stories on our Facebook wall.)

With 81 “Likes,” our winner is Breakers’ bride-to-be Alicia Lagundino! Alicia will receive a full makeover at the Guerlain Boutique at The Breakers, and a bottle of the new Shalimar perfume.

Facebook Proposal Contest

Alicia and fiancé Andrew will tie the knot at The Breakers this coming January. Until then, please enjoy Alicia’s beautiful proposal story

Last year, Andrew proposed in the Boston Commons park by re-creating the very night we met, seven years prior. Just as we did on that night in 2003, we had dinner at Top of the Hub and strolled in the Boston Commons afterward.

That first date in 2003 was such a hit that we often talked about re-living the magic of that night “just because.” So, in the year 2010, when the time came to experience our first date all over again, I thought Andrew’s surprise itinerary was “just because”! 🙂

It was during our stroll in the Commons that Andrew asked me to be his wife. I was completely caught by a whirlwind of surprise and awe. I had no idea this was THE night. I exclaimed “YES” to the man I always knew I would marry, all the while a pre-arranged photographer discreetly captured our special “moment in time” on film.

We’re getting married at The Breakers in just a few short months. I am over-the-moon happy and can’t wait to say, “I do” to my forever love! 🙂

Congratulations Alicia!

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Our destination wedding team has a sincere weakness for cookies. So when our friends at Hot Polka Dot shared a recipe for White Chocolate Clementine Cookies, we couldn’t help but smile.

Wouldn’t these adorable cookies just be the best treats to serve at a bridal shower?

Clementine Cookies

What you’ll need:
1 cup unsalted butter, room temperature
1 cup granulated sugar
2 tbsp clementine zest
2 tbsp clementine juice
2 eggs
1/2 tsp baking soda
1/2 tsp baking powder
1 tsp salt
2 1/2 cup flour
2 cup white chocolate chunks

Visit Hot Polka Dot for the all the how-to instructions!

Note: Makes about 3 dozen cookies

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