30 Aug 2011

If you’ve visited The Breakers, you know the Palm Beach resort has some absolutely stunning architecture. One of our team’s favorite photo spots is the two sets of grand doors.

Ambrosio Photography

The iron gates have also been a favored photo spot among our wedding photographers for years. Our team is always enamored by the different ways our brides have been photographed at these doors, as every photographer uses them in their own unique, beautiful way.

Here’s a look through the eyes of some of our photographers, and the beautiful Breakers’ Brides who have posed with our grand doors…

Ambrosio Photography

Donna Newman Photography

Donna Newman Photography

Domino Arts

Jeff Kolodny Photography

Jeff Kolodny Photography

Jeff Kolodny Photography

Chris Joriann Photography

Lara Rios Photography

Gorgeous photos by Ambrosio Photography, Donna Newman, Domino Arts, Jeff Kolodny, Chris Joriann Fine Art Photography, and Lara Rios.

Thank you for sharing your inspiration and creative eye for the camera with us!

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Just a year after her beautiful sister tied the knot at The Breakers, the gorgeous Lina and hubby Gregory said their “I Do’s” under the same stunning roof.

We’ve shared photos from both of their amazing destination weddings, but we just loved this video by Ruben Senderey… hope you do, too!

Lina + Gregory from Senderey Video on Vimeo.

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What’s in a word? When that word is a part of your wedding vows, a lot. Choosing to write your own vows for your special day is incredibly romantic, but can also be a nerve-racking experience for many couples. Don’t fret; The Breakers’ team is here to help.

Writing Your Wedding Vows
Breakers’ bride and groom Julie and Rory said their “I Do’s” in the stunning Gold Room. (Photo by Ambrosio Photography)

The Knot recently wrote an article with 20 tips for writing your own wedding vows and our team would like to share our favorite six to help you ease the writer’s block on your big day…

• When did you realize you were in love? The more specific you are able to be, the more touching the story. Was it when he helped you bring your sick puppy to the vet? (Don’t underestimate the power of humor and throw in at least one more playful sentiment.) How to use: I knew I was in love when ____________.

• Where do you see yourselves in 10, 20 or 40 years? Go deeper than happily married in a big house. What are your long-term hopes, dreams, and goals? How to use: I look forward to __________, laughing and __________ as we __________.

• What promise can you make to codify your devotion? Here’s an opportunity to personalize your vows — many couples pledge their endless love, but how many promise to take the dog out in the morning, even in the rain? How to use: I promise to always ___________.

• What metaphor (or simile) would capture your love? Think of something that describes or defines your love: Is it strong like a castle? Peaceful like a mountain stream? How to use: Our love is like a ___________ because it ___________.

• How will you change together? You know what your goals are – think about the steps the two of you will need to take together to reach them. How to use: I look forward to ___________ as we __________.

• What words do you associate with love? Make a list of romantic terms so you can avoid overusing love – too many repetitions dilute its power. How to use: My devotion/adoration/ passion is ___________.

Check out The Knot’s full list for more vow writing tips.

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24 Aug 2011

Our team is often asked for recommendations for makeup artists, and our brides are surprised and excited to hear we have a renowned Guerlain Boutique at The Shops at The Breakers.

Guerlain Boutique

Along with fabulous Guerlain products, the Parisian-designed boutique also offers make-up application, eyelash applications and eyebrow sculpting. At your service are two celebrated make-up artists who are ready to pamper you and make your beautiful face shine on your wedding day.

Meet Guerlain’s Sylvia and Monique…
Guerlain Boutique

Sylvia Mora
Sylvia began working in the beauty industry in 2000 at a department store, where her counter became the best in the region for four consecutive seasons. In 2002, Sylvia took a position working along with Monique as a make-up artist for The Breakers’ Guerlain Boutique. Sylvia wanted to continue to grow in this business, so to keep herself updated on new trends and current technology, she went back to school at the Palm Beach Academy of Beauty and became an esthetician in 2008 – with a specialization in eyelash extensions. While working at The Breakers, Sylvia has had the opportunity to do make-up applications for several celebrities, including Designer Tory Burch and Author Mary Higgins Clark, and she has been featured in publications such as Palm Beach Life and Palm Beach Society magazine.

Make up tip from Sylvia:
To cover very dark under eye circles, use a little bit of red lipstick under the eye, and then cover with a concealer one shade lighter than your skin tone.

Guerlain Boutique
Sylvia applies make-up to Breakers’ bride Kate at the Guerlain Boutique on the morning of her special day. (Photo by SUNA Photography)

Monique Agro
Monique is a native of France, who after completing her education moved to London and began her career in makeup artistry. She later moved to New York City and was hired as a professional make-up artist at the famous Frederic Fekkai Salon from 1990-1996. During that time, her clientele included Princess Diana, Catherine Deneuve, Martha Stewart and Venesaa Redgrave. In 1997, Monique decided to relocate to Florida and began working for the Babor Institute. Later that year Monique joined the team at The Breakers and has been working at the renowned Guerlain Boutique ever since.

Make up tip from Monique:
For tired eyes, apply navy eyeliner and navy mascara.

For more information, please call (561) 655-6611 or visit shopthebreakers.com.

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