You might remember Breakers’ bride-to-be Brenna when she graced the cover of Brides magazine in April. Since then, the beautiful model posed in another photo shoot – but this one was a lot more personal.

Real Wedding: Brenna & Brandon
Brenna and fiancé Brandon escaped the New York weather to spend some time in Palm Beach last month, where they took their engagement photos with photographer Donna Newman at The Breakers.

Enjoy some of their gorgeous images and a look inside their planning process…

Real Wedding: Brenna & Brandon
In April, Brenna gushed about modeling and what drew her to The Breakers. Today, she’s sharing more about her soon-to-be hubby.

Q: Tell us a little about Brandon’s proposal…
A: This past January, Brandon and I took a vacation to Playa De Carmen, Mexico. Brandon scheduled a spa day during the afternoon, and then surprised me with an amazing dinner at sunset on a catamaran that night. We had a delicious Mexican meal cooked for us from scratch, and after dessert, with our feet dangling off the edge of the boat, he proposed! I said yes, and we celebrated that night by dancing to live Mexican music at a local bar near the resort.

Real Wedding: Brenna & Brandon
Q: As a model you have a lot of experience at photo shots, how was this different?
A: This photo shoot was completely different going into it! Brandon and I were both nervous, because we had never taken professional photos together. Our photographer Donna Newman made us feel completely comfortable from the first shot. We had so much fun walking around The Breakers and the beach! We love how the engagement pictures turned out, and can’t wait to take the wedding day pictures!

Real Wedding: Brenna & Brandon
Q: What are you looking forward to most during the wedding planning process?
A: During the planning process I’m most looking forward to watching everything slowly come together. It’s been amazing working with the staff at The Breakers and our wedding planner Heather Lowenthal, from Posh Parties. With such a great team, I know our vision will come alive the day of our wedding!

Real Wedding: Brenna & Brandon
Brenna and Brandon will tie the knot at The Breakers next summer. Until then, stay tuned as we follow their beautiful love story!

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