With summer right around the corner, it’s time to turn up the heat for your upcoming engagement photos. Since shooting outside isn’t always easy, we turned to celebrity wedding photographer Anthony Vazquez – who frequently snaps gorgeous shots at The Breakers – for some tips.

Here’s his take (and some photos!) on looking hot for your outdoor engagement sessions…

Look Hot In Your Outdoor Engagement Shots

What to wear
This is the most common question! I always say wear what you look best in. Don’t try to be something you’re not or choose something you are not comfortable in because it will show in your photos. Always feel free to incorporate something that is you.

  • For the ladies: A little black dress works every time. Accessorize it to make it personal by adding hot colored pumps, cool bangles, and some shades.
  • For the guys: Don’t be afraid of thinking outside the box. I recommend a great fitted suit, fun sunglasses, and maybe your favorite funky sneakers.
  • Location
    I always like to get to know my couples before selecting a location. If you know there is a significant setting that you both LOVE – whether it’s the beach or NYC streets – go for it!

  • If you have a home that has spectacular settings such as my couple below, USE IT!
  • Look Hot In Your Outdoor Engagement Shots

    Look Hot In Your Outdoor Engagement Shots
    We were fortunate to work with Vanessa & Taylor (above) who had their fabulous wedding at The Breakers last month. They brought us down to their home in Orlando for these shots.

  • Don’t be afraid to put your own thoughts into the location. If it’s not going to work from a professional standpoint, your photographer will tell you.
  • Editorial style shoots
    I look at each shoot as though it came straight out of a fashion spread. I pull a lot of inspiration from magazines and I recommend brides to do the same. Even if you think it may be too racy we can probably revise it to make it happen.

    Look Hot In Your Outdoor Engagement Shots

    Look Hot In Your Outdoor Engagement Shots
    This is your time to shine and let go, so be ready to bring it!

    Have Fun!
    The engagement shoot is a great time to incorporate your personalities. If you check out the images below we did a cake fight and a champagne fight in the NYC streets because it really embodied the couples’ playfulness.

    Look Hot In Your Outdoor Engagement Shots

    Look Hot In Your Outdoor Engagement Shots
    Be creative and fun with this. This is about enjoying the moment and each other!

    Don’t forget: Hair & Makeup
    So important! Most people are so fixated on the clothes and setting they forget that hair and makeup are the ultimate accessories. Make sure to get your hair and makeup done professionally done prior to your shoot. This will ensure your makeup to stay on and hair to stay intact for all outdoor climates.

    Look Hot In Your Outdoor Engagement Shots

  • If you have a certain look you are going for, bring the images to your hair and makeup crew. Don’t forget to ask your stylists for items to take with you for the shoot. Retouching makeup and hair in between locations is a must in order to keep your beautiful face and hair gorgeous.
  • Happy shooting!

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