23 Sep 2010

Just yesterday we gave you a behind-the-scenes glance at The Design Studio hard at work. Today we are thrilled to bring you the finished product of this INCREDIBLY glamorous and totally out-of-the-box wedding!

For the ceremony, a vendella white rose encrusted chuppah was created and draped with fabric and thick lush white rose garlands. Hedges of babies breath lined the front of the riser.

event 1

A custom built wall was created as a true entrance into this outdoor beachside ceremony. The wall featured a center entrance and two oval windows lined with garlands of white Ecuadorian Roses and the bride and grooms initials.

event 2

event 3

The interior wall of the front entrance wall was covered in moss and more white Ecuadorian Roses, all in a lattice work pattern.

event 4

During cocktail hour, large green “wedding bells” accented with ribbon, California florals, and Green Thailand Orchids were suspended from the ceiling adding romance and elegance to the room.

event 5

event 6

Walking into dinner, guests found themselves in surrounded by the beautiful fragrance of Garden Roses – imported from France, Germany, Columbia and California. Centerpieces consisted of Garden Rose encrusted hurricane lanterns, lit by candlelight and surrounded by more pools of roses. Antique votives and white pillar candles accented the tabletop.

event 8

Antique plates in blue and peach were set atop a gold starburst charger.

event 9

The second centerpiece was a beautiful double Garden Rose ball display with hanging lanterns.

event 10

Photo Credits: LILA PHOTO

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    Very enlightening and beneficial to someone whose been out of the circuit for a long time.

    – Kris

  2. Dominion House Weddings Nov 03, 2010 / 03:44 pm

    Stunning! The flowers are incredible. You definitely were able to think out of the box.

  3. obasi chisom, Nov 03, 2010 / 04:10 pm

    i love what you are doing keep it up

  4. Albuquerque Wedding Planners Nov 10, 2010 / 01:24 pm

    Truly an amazing look and feel. It looks like a fantasy world. Stunning job!

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22 Sep 2010

Have you ever wondered what really goes into creating a Breakers Palm Beach wedding? How do they make the rooms look SO amazing? And how many flowers are REALLY used? Now is your chance to experience the behind-the-scenes magic of The Breakers Weddings team.

Over 9,000 pure white Ecuadorian Roses were used for a recent wedding at The Breakers Palm Beach, along with hundreds of fragrant Garden Roses imported from France, Germany, Columbia and California. It was enough roses to fill up half of our Ponce De Leon ballroom! Babies Breath was also there in plenty.

Wolff 1

The ceremony décor begins with the Design Studio’s, Michael and Anne creating the most amazing chuppah ever out of the white Ecuadorian Roses.

Wolff 3

More white roses and green moss being used to create additional ceremony décor.

wolff 4

For cocktail hour, “Green” hand-made chandeliers are carefully created out of California flowers and green Thailand orchids. The Design Studio prepares to suspend these from the Mediterranean Ballroom ceiling.

wolff 5

For the wedding dinner centerpieces, wooden lanterns are adorned with hundreds
of bright pink Garden Roses.

wolff 6

Wolff wedding 7

The Gold Room is carpeted in white and draped with white linen for this special celebration.

Wolff wedding 8

Tune in TOMORROW to see how this spectacular wedding turned out!

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16 Sep 2010

Your wedding day is one of the most memorable days of your life. We love pictures of all those little, sentimental seconds that you may not remember from your big day, but that the camera was able to capture. These special memories are truly moments captured in time.

Photo Credits: Top Left: Donna Newman Photography; Top Right: Nancy Cohn Photography; Bottom: Alain Martinez Photography

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